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keyless entry and remote start install


July 12, 2004
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caledonia, Mississippi
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'92 xlt,'91 edie,'92 edi
does anybody have a diagram of the wires I need to know for installation of a remote start and keyless entry and what colors they are?


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Sorry to hijack the thread ...

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a related question ... I'm getting ready to order a remote start system and I need to know if the Explorer has a "Reverse Polarity Door Locks"?

I installed 2 remote starts in 1st gen and I believe they are reverse polarity I had to buy some additional relays for the remote door locks to work.

Did you get the wire diagrams you needed? I have them printed out in a folder that I saved.

Not sure if this changed between 1st & 2nd Gen, but I will be installing on a 2nd Gen (97 V8 AWD). The optional relay harness is only $7, so I will just go ahead and get in anyway ... small price to pay for peace of mine ;)

Any tips on install?

Well after doing one install I found it easier to identify the wires I needed to splice into and then mark them with tape I also wrote what color wire from the kit had to be spliced into the wire made it a snap for install.

What I mean is I left a long tail of tape so I could write on the tape what wires needed to be spliced into the wire.

yes the door locks are reverse polarity. got mine installed and everything works great. :D