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Keyless entry code?


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December 10, 2002
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East Lansing, MI
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'02 XLT
Ok, we have recently purchased a 2002 XLT and are having some issues with the keyless entry code... The card is still in the manual with the code on it, and the code is also written on the side of the glove box on a like mailing label, too (they are both the same code) but it does not work. They keyless entry with the FOB works, but not the code, but the pad works because I can lock the car with it.

So where is the module located? I am assuming it is like my 95 where the default code is printed on the module?

Any help would be great, thanks!

Code location

On the passengers side, open the back door. You will need to remove some plactic trim. like the piece where the seatrbelt goes into. I did this without any tools and I think it only took 5-10 minutes. You will see a box down low and it will have a sticker on it with your code. Good Luck