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keyless entry code


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April 12, 2009
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Lewiston, Maine
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02 explorer sport trac
can anyone please help me?!?!? i need to find the code to my keyless entry i have an 02 sport trac (and i didnt get an owners manual w it :() and i have a couple punks in the neighborhood that like to play w the key pad :mad: so if anyone could please tell me the easiest way (4 a girl :p:) to find it, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! :cool:

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There are only 3 ways:
1.Get it hooked up at the dealership (Easiest way. Will probably cost you $45-$50)
2.Pull the passenger air bag, dismount the module to see the tag
3.Remove the defroster vent trim, look through the windshield into the dash cavity and TRY to see it.(didn't work for me)

That's it, only ways.........

I did mine the third way NCRANCHERO mentioned. It's easy enough to try and it's free. I had a leatherman tool, popped out the defrost plastic and shined inside the truck with a maglite. There it was in big black numbers on a sticker on the passenger side. It's worth a shot for as easy as it is, but try it in a garage or in the shade to cut down on sun glare.

Won't help you much with this problem, but you can get an owner's manual online here:
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I know mine is an 01, but, found the code on the white module behind the back seats on the bulkhead under the window. Easier to read from right side through the little storage door, use a mirror.

I found the code for my '05 right where rcranchero said it was in option 3. Pulled the vent and used a snake camera.

I dont have this feature on my trac but I find when I really want to see something like this a good LED flashlight works wonders. I use them for working on cars as well as computers, they are great. They create a really nice white light.

option 3 worked for me also u take the defrost vent out then go out side your truck and look in threw the window better to do it in the shade in the day i had 2 use my hand to cover the window and shine a mag light around lintel i found it dealership i believe cost 60 bucks you can always call them and ask them

pry up the dash defroster trim and its right there on top of the white box. easy.

thanks for the tip.

Took our into the ford Dealer we always do business with and had them do an oil change and a multipoint and asked them to find it for us. Was free!! But we have an excellent service Dept.

your lucky,ford wanted 100 bucks to tell me,it was nuts, but I couldnt see it with the defroster vent removed so it maybe my only option.

We have always had all out service work done there. Its just not that much cheaper to do it myself anymore. Plus it saves me a lot of time, and with 4 fords running through there they see us alot. So we get along with the service dept pretty well.

3rd method

I did the third method on my 03 Sport Trac. I removed the defroster plastic as described above and looked in but saw nothing. I had to look in through the windshield under the dash with a flashlight. So for those of you who think you are just gonna pull the plastic and its looking you right in the face your wrong. Thanks for the help everyone. Oh and for those of you who do get your factory code working.

Program personal code: Enter factory code hitting buttons within 5 seconds of of each other, hit 1•2 button, enter personal 5 digit code, horn will honk lights will flash to confirm.
Your personal code along with the factory code will now both unlock the doors. Also if you hit 7•8 and 9•0 buttons together it will lock the doors.

My horn never sounds with keypad!

I just fiddled with my keypad for about 5 minutes until i figured out the code! lol but iive tried this with my friends vehicles and havent had the same luck..