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Keyless entry code


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August 1, 2011
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2003 ford sportstrac
Can someone please tell me where to find the keyless entry code for a 2007 ford explorer

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Usually in a little card in the owners manual case. If not the dealer can get it for you (for a small fee im sure).

my book said the keyless entry code is printed on the cumpoter in the left side access rear panel on the computer case, u will need a mirririor, hope this helps buck

Seems like a bunch of comedians answering you here. The numbers are inside the cabin trim panel just aft of the right rear door. It's not that hard to get to, but you have to be patient figuring out the panel clips on the B-pillar.
Pull off all the weather stripping around the door opening, and that allows you to peek inside the panel. If you are good with an inspection mirror and a good flashlight, you can see it without removing the panel. Good luck.

Did that no module

2006 and up the key code is on the smart junction box located down by the drive emergency brake pedal, I have posted pictures on how it it found

2007 and up must be pulled through the computer

It is my understanding that 2007 and up CAN ONLY be pulled through the computer using a diagnostic machine. My independent mechanic did my 2008 Explorer EB for free - and sure enough got the code. Free, because I am a loyal customer for many years and he simply did me a favor. Expect to pay dearly at a Ford dealer for this service -probably 80 to 100 bones.

If you are having other service work done at Ford dealer, they will pull the code for free. My dealer did it this summer for me.