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Keyless entry first gen

Elias lopez

December 8, 2016
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93 Ford Explorer
Hello everyone I have some questions about the first gen keyless entry. I've done lots of research with explorers and f-150's on how to program the keyless entry. But I've had some mixed information some say the module is under the dash other say it's in the jack compartment in the hatch. Mine is a 93 Explorer and the last owner told me it had keyless entry but the fob broke. I have the new fob and I'm ready to try it out. But the two prong that is connected to nothing is nowhere to be found. I don't see any signs of an aftermarket keyless entry as far as I know. And he had a keyless entry oem Ford fob. Any help is great thanks I've looked and looked and haven't seen anything similar to other people's.


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As shown in the picture, this is under the ash tray and stereo, where many say the module is but it's just wires and wires no box. There is a black plastic piece with foam in this area, could it be covering the module or is that for something else? Mine is a xlt if that helps any bit since I heard only limited and Eddie Bauer could have keyless entry
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Driver side rear jack compartment there should be a 2 wire connector with nothing plugged into it. My 94 limited is in storage now and do not have a picture or remember the colors. Mine to had no FOB after many years and found the correct FOB and reprogrammed it from there.
1 Turn ignition to RUN or ACC
2 Momentary jump pins in two wire connector not plugged into anything Driver side jack compartment
3 Press any button on the remote Door locks should cycle to confirm programming, repeat for 2nd or more remotes.
4 Turn of Ignition switch locks should cycle to indicate end of programming mode.