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Keyless Entry in a 1994 EB


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September 13, 2002
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2001 Explorer Sport
Ive been trying to see if my 94 EB Edition has Keyless entry. There is no silver box in the Lft Rear Qrt Panel. BUT I read on another forum site that in 93-94 that some Explorers had their Keyless Entry Module installed behind the glove box as opposed to the rear, which sparked my curiosity. After having removed the glove compartment there is indeed something there. A medium sized (4"x5") green box with a black bottom. There is a grey plug (with about 8 wires) going into the green box, and a small two pinned connector hanging down from it. The connector is small and black about 3/4 of an inch long. The connector has "Ford" and "EPC" on it. It has a red protective clip inside of it that is easily removed. The first wire going from the connector to the box is black, and the other is green w/ a yellow stripe. Can anyone shed some light on this thought? Or am I just grasping at straws?:D

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If you could follow the wires to either your "unlock" wire or your "lock" wire, than it would be a good guess that you do have keyless entry. I believe my wires for "unlock"/"lock" were pink/yellow and pink/lt. green.

OK that green box was WAY bigger than I thought. More like 5-6 inches by 5-6 inches. Also there are two connectors going into it. A light grey one and a dark grey one, both having roughly 8 wires. (Hard to count them where they are).

Is it possible to see the colors?

They might be the same as I said before.
But that seems like a lot of wire for just a keyless entry, maybe not.

OK I did get an accurate wire count, there is 6 wires on each connector. I can see the colors on one connector the other is in a place I cant see real well, nor can I get the flashlight beam in there enough to see the colors. I would just short those pins but Im afraid Ill screw something up if it isnt a keyless module.

Yeah, I don't know really about that. If you could track where the wires go, you could probably guestimate what it is.

OK I guess I was grasping at straws. I found out that the box was for dash lighting. The dongle hanging down was for the glove compartment light. Oh well, back to looking for a keyless entry module to install. But first is my Dynomax Exhaust which will be here tomorrow

I just installed the Valiant Keyless entry, remote starter, and alarm, and so far it seems to be very good. I think they sell just a keyless entry too, if you just want that.

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