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keyless entry issue


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April 8, 2004
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96 XLT
I have a '96 XLT. When I hit the keyless entry, the button does not go up all the way, and I have to unlock door with key to gain entry. When I use the keypad the same thing happens.
My truck also has the floppy door handle issue. Are the 2 related? My door handle has some tension in it so It doesnt flop around. I can live with it as is, but would fix if the keyless entry would work properly.


Could be that the actuator is no longer secured to the door so that when it tries to unlock, it moves down while the lock moves up resulting in a partial unlock. This happened on my FR door. You can see the hole where the actuator is riveted on on the side of the door facing the interior below the latch area.

To repair, I removed the door panel, reached in and held the actiuator in position while I dry fitted a couple of different sized bolts. When I found one that kind of threaded into the rivet hole, I cut it to length, and using a washer and red loctite, I reattached the actuator. Put the door panel back on and haven't had a problem for a year and a half now.



Thanks for the reply. I will give this a shot..Ray