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Keyless entry question


January 17, 2010
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1997 5.0 AWD XLT
My 97 ex has keyless entry with the pad on the outside of the door.When I bought the truck a couple years ago it came with a key fob.It would not work to lock or unlock the doors.I got the number off the keyless entry module and the system works properly when I use the keypad.When I tried to program the fob the truck recognized my request to program but would not respond to the fob when I tried to get it to shake hands with the K.E. module.I took the fob apart and tested the battery with a voltmeter(good) and made sure the contacts in the fob were clean.I then stole the working fob from my F-150 and tried the programming again with no success.According to my research they take the same fob so it should of worked.Any ideas where to go from here?


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May 31, 1999
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Trenton, MI
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98 ExSport, '00 F-150
Are you sure you have the correct model fob to go with the system? They're not all the same...