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keyless entry remote


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June 2, 2009
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1997 4.0
We have 1997 4.0 V6 Explorer and the keyless entry remote will NOT work any longer, therefore we cannot turn off the 'red key' symbol on the dash to enable us to start the vehicle. Can anybody help please either with a suggestion to what the problem could be, or a way to 'bypass' the immobiliser system in order the start the engine? Any suggestion would be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks. Jan:p:

Has the remote packed up or the battery just died?
Also is the car parked anywhere near a phone mast or similar as they can interfere with the early immobilisers.
Failing that you could purchase the control unit and fobs from a breaker (justin at explorerpartsuk or chris quelch on here) and swap them in.
If you do a search there are a few threads on the immobiliser system. FYI the 97 one button is different to the 98 on 2 button.

Also where are you as someone close by might be able to help.

We had the remote tested and the signal was either non existent or so weak it hardly registered, so at the moment it is being inspected with a view to being repaired (hopefully!). We are near newton abbot in devon, so if anyone has another remote that might be useful? We know Chris, we have dealt with him several times, he is a great guy but does not have a remote at mo. haha.
Thanks for your suggestions however, we really appreciate it. :)

try the fob around fuel filler and the l/h corner of the boot where the alarm reciever is if u can get in

take off the jack cover ect press it all around that area

might get u going again temporarily

good luck