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keyless entry remotes


November 23, 2002
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Hickory,North Carolina
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1999 Sport 4x4
Bought a1999 sport only came with 1 key. I understand I have to have another key made at the dealer. I have a keypad on the drivers side door - can I buy a keyless entry remote and will it work ? Found a website called Keyless ride home . Will the remotes they sell work.
Thank You

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I Was Lucky!

When I go my '97 last May, the dealer said there was only one key. He made another. It has the keypad but they did not have the code. A couple of days later, I was exploring the interior and there, under the passenger seat, were two remotes! Went back a couple days later and they used their plugin 'thingy' to get the code for the keypad!

Maybe if you do a thorough search inside?

You probably have to see a ford dealer to get new remotes. But they can read the code for your keypad.

look in the back on the driverside open the panel where the jack is located thre is a white box on the side is the 5 digit code for the doors, not sure if this is the spot for the sport but on the 4 door this is the correct spot, if not look under the dash on the pass. side it will be there (note: you will need a flashlight and a mirror to read the code cause it is about 1 inch from the panel)

go on e-bay and find a remote there. I got a decent one for 10.00 and it works fine. Programming it is pretty easy, just search this awsome site!! I have a 97 sport and i too found my code on the box where the jack is.

I have two brand new Ford remotes if you are interested let me know. The keys are pricy, for our Taurus it was $100/key.

Hey kev give me a call this week if you want to go rideing 780-1725 and I am interested in the TT/shakle lift.

Hey kev give me a call this week if you want to go rideing 780-1725 and I am interested in the TT/shakle lift.

Will do. Times are crazy right now with North Korea acting up. But hopefully we will get some time off this weekend.