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Keyless Entry system.

Harry Harvey

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September 27, 2007
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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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'93 XLT
I have a 93 XLT, with the keyless entry system. Recently, the "lock" button on the remote does not lock the vehicle, but the "unlock" works. I can hear a relay of "other device" click, under the dash, when I press the lock button, but the door locks do not lock, nor does the "double beep" sound occur as it did when functioning properly. Is there a problem in the circuit, and if so where is the circuit located? - or is there something simple like resetting the program, or "valet" mode being on. I'm not really familiar with how this mode is initiated. HH

They had OEM keyless in 93?

it could be a relay issue, it sounds like the relay is cycling, but the power is not going to the door locks. i imagine that the keyless circuit probably piggybacks off of the remote system, which already piggybacks off the electric lock system. you better take that to a pro.....