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Keyless Entry?


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October 29, 2006
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Middlesex, NJ
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94 Explorer 5MT
I see people on ebay selling keyless entry remotes with instructions on how to program them to your explorer. I assume for these to work, your truck will need to have come with the keychain remotes from the factory. I bought my explorer used and was not given any remote buttons. Whats the easiest way to tell if my truck did come with the keyless entry? And if it did, can I just buy these remotes off ebay?

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If it doesnt have the keypad on the drivers door it doesnt have keyless. And if you dont have factory keyless and you want to add it and/or remote start you need 2 relays because you have 5 wire door locks

nope. no keypad, guess i'll just have to use the key to open the door. The horror of it all!:p:

Just don't lock it, Problem solved ;)

Ask Santa for an aftermarket keyless entry system for Christmas:thumbsup: