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Keypad doesn't work after replacing engine


September 6, 2002
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Montclair, NJ
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2016 Explorer (Ex-car)
We just had a Jasper reman engine put in my wife's 2002 Explorer XLT - original 4.0 engine broke a valve spring at 80K.

New engine seems to be running fine but now the keypad doesn't work. It will lock using the 7 & 9 keys but will not open when the original factory code is put in. All keys on the keypad have been verified to work - ie, each one lights up the keypad/interior lights when pressed.

In addition, one of the two remotes also doesn't work - replaced battery in it to no avail. Other remote works fine.

Bringing it back to our mechanic who put in the engine but does anyone have any ideas? Is the original factory code no longer valid after a new engine is put in? (seems it shouldn't).... really puzzled why this is happening

Any ideas? Thanks...