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Kickdown issue

December 15, 2010
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Holland, MI
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'94 Eddie Bauer
Hey guys. My 94' eddie bauer ohv 4.0l has the A4LD tranny (i think). My problem is that when i floor it while cruising down the road, it will not kick all the way down like it should. The kickdown cable is not broke. Does it need to be adjusted? And if so, how do you adjust it?

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how fast are you going when this happens and does it downshift at all?

well lets say im doing 45 mph, when i floor it, it will downshift, but it doesnt seem like its downshifting as far as it should.

well at 45 mine downshifts and goes into 2nd gear at about 3k rpm. is this about the same as your truck or does it only downshift to 3rd and probly go to 2300?

I will have to try it soon and look at the tachometer and get back to you on that because i am not sure what the rpm's go to.

Well i tried it tonight. I was cruising down the road at 45, and the rpms were at about 1500. I floored it and the rpms jumped to about 2700. I dont know what gear it dropped down to.

yeah im pretty sure that its second. Mine is the same way so i dont think you have a problem ( or both of ours is messed up) haha but i just got my whole tranny rebuilt and thats how it acts.

Your trans might be slipping. That could make it feel like it isn't downshifting enough. What is the millage on the trans?

Well it is the original trans as far as i know. So about 167,x... It drives great though.