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King of the Hammers 2015 - Who all is going?

LOL, from what I'm reading here... I'm damn glad I don't stay on the lake bed when I go to KOH. Seems like that's a lot of what's making the event a little bit of a pain in the butt for you guys! I stay on the other side of the highway actually and just head down on Thursday to scope out where I want to spectate from then again on Friday for the big race. Take the cooler and chairs and post up in a canyon for the day and have a good time. I usually head down there one evening just to see the night time fun and other then that, I stay away from the lake bed. I've never seen the exit traffic or any of that. Seems like the way to do it is to camp actually out away from the event. You stay a heck of a lot less dusty too!

This sounds like a good idea. Kind of how we do Tierra Del Sol at Truckhaven.

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Airplane tickets are bought for Saturday-Saturday.

I have stayed on the lakebed several times, hotel a few times and even in a rented big vacation house for a week in those boulder hills just before dropping into Yucca Valley. I do like staying on the Lakebed close to Hammertown because you can wander around at night from pit to pit and hang out at the fire pit and then easily walk back to the RV. The only things I don't like about staying on the lakebed is the dust and having people crowd you in. Last year on Thursday a random guy pulled in 4 feet from our RV and ran his generator for what seemed like forever.

Not sure yet where I will be staying this year.

...I do suggest foor those who haven't been out there to pre run the area so you get a feel for it before a town of 15, 000 or so people show up.Monday of last year there seemed to be as many people as there was on race day the year before..

I spent turkey week out there with several race teams and will probably be back out there 3 times before the first of the year and on/off in January..

...Rumor has it there is already about 250 race team's that will be entered compared to last years 135...Double of last years crowd and teams perhaps..

..With the base taking some of the land during this, this year might just push some limits..:eek:

If I could I'd offer up the location I stay at but the cabin isn't technically mine to toss an open invite too eventhough I do have keys for it! LOL But... I will say, the view down into the lakebed from where we stay and the dust cloud is impressive while sitting on the deck looking out that direction!


Takes about 15 minutes to get down there in my old truck on side trails...

Dust? What dust?


On a clear day...


I personally enjoy hanging out on Sat and doing runs up rattlesnake canyone towards big bear and hitting the dunes out there also. We usually try to make a long run over to the rockpile memorial also.

It's too bad the bomb craters are mostly filled in on the lakebed. Back in the 80's those things were SUPER deep!!! Deep enough to park fullsize vehicles in and you couldn't see them.

This would be early 90's before the hammers even existed to the masses at least and WAY before it was a popular place. A thanksgiving out there then would have 10-15 camp groups on the lakebed.



Someday I'll scan a picture of a friends classic bronco on 33's jumping out of one of the craters on the lakebed, you can tell they used to be MUCH deeper in that picture!

..Don't make me pull out the Petroglyphs of when I was a kid out there..:p:

.. Do you realize 30 days from now would be mid week racing at KOH...Excited?..Hell Yea....:bounce:

.It's suppose to snow tonight/tomorrow out there so I'm meeting up with some teams for test and tune in the snow..:burnout:

Well since my post, plans have changed... Either need more weekends in the year or the promoters need to deal with the schedules between each other better. My options were go spectate KOH which is hands down the best race to watch in fact about the only race I enjoy watching, or... Go ride shotgun in a race truck at the Parker 425 BITD race. Sorry but I'm pulling out the helmet and race gear and climbing in a race truck rather then spectating. Excited and bummed at the same time!


Our cabin is on the opposite side of the highway from the KOH stuff up near some petroglyphs...



If by chance you know where this rock structure is, chances are you've driven right past our cabin...


..You could have at least used one of my race pictures of the 1776 Jeepspeed rig..:p:

Less than 3 weeks to go and I've been busy chasing teams and riding along as sit in for Co-Dawgs..:)

...Introducing the New race team of the #88 4500 class car.

(From left to right shot at Thanksgiving, cast is off)

Co- Driver Hobie O'Connor and Driver Brandon Currie


Savvy Offorad, Currie Enterprises, Falken Tires

Driver -Brandon Currie - Anaheim Hills Ca.


Brandon has been getting a lot of seat time out at the Hammers, getting used to his new to him ride. The car is the same one which won it's class at the Hammers last year and was driven all race season long in Ultra4 but it is far from used up.

I've watched Brandon wheel this rig in practice and heard people exclaim "Holy Sh*t that boy is fast"..Honest..

Most would think that he was lucky enough to have a racing family hand me down and he won't be a contender and they would definitely be wrong..

Brandon has been racing for many years as a top competitor and Champion so he has the heart and the Hunger to win this years race no matter where they are starting as he knows how to pass and how get to get his team to the front..


Some of Brandon's Racing History

Mohave Desert Racing – American Jeepspeed
AMA Red Bull Supermoto Championship Series 2004 National
AMA Supermoto Championship Series
X Games SuperMoto
Jeepspeed - Baja 500
Japan Core Extreme Games

Brandon and Hobie are now out at the Hammers fine tuning their team skills while learning the ever changing rock and go fast sections...

Co- Driver Hobie O'Connor - Newport Beach, Ca.

Hobie's leg cast was removed shortly after Thanksgiving and he has been learning and inspecting the #88 from tip to tail as any good co-driver does.

Some of Hobie's Racing background

BITD Vegas to Reno- Class 12
Monster Jam UTV Series- Unlimited UTV
SNORE Class 5- Driver / CoDriver
Plfueger Racing Trophy Truck- Race Prep, Logistics, CoDriver
SCORE- Class 1600

Formula Car Racing - American F3
- Formula Atlantic 1rst SCCA & VARA
- Formula Zetec Two Pro Series Podium Finishes
- F2000 Multiple podium finishes & two wins SCCA
- Formula Ford Multiple podium finishes VARA & SCCA


LOL, didn't know you had any pics of their jeep. I could've posted older ones from when I used to ride in it and it was solid white too! LOL

I cant wait to get out there..:)

So...tuesday night after power hour for the anual EF dinner?

So...tuesday night after power hour for the anual EF dinner?

I'm game but maybe we can find a new place to eat. I didn't think the mexican place was all that or is it just me?

Monday night would be better for me. I potentially have something Tuesday night but wont know until then. I might be able to skip it.

I'm not set on going to the Mexican place either, I like their salsa but the rest is just ok.

..Monday night is the East vs. West Shootout..;)

..I'm ok eating at one of the many vendors this year as there aren't to many sit down restaurants...If you guys want to make suggestions on somewhere else to eat would help..We could order a "Tbars Special" of a 2 topping pizza and a wheelbarrow full of firewood delivered on the lakebed from the pizza guy..:)


..Since our picture upload on EF takes quite a while to post ten pics, I will be posting most all of the pics and video's to my FB and Instagram accounts..

Be sure to follow me on both FB @ "Shots by Tbars4" and #SHOTS_BY_TBARS4 on instagram for My shots of the "2015 Nitto King of the Hammers Presented by 4 Wheel Parts" ..

...Here is a Picture I took the other night coming back into camp from the desert with the lights of Hammertown on the right..


..And here is a video shot two days ago of Tony Pellegrino's new 800 plus HP car..:burnout:

I don't know what's good in the area but did a quick look on Google maps and saw an Applebee's near 247 and 62...that would probably be easiest.

If we're feeling adventurous, we could go to Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown...actually just as far as driving into Yucca Valley.

Saw a place in Joshua Tree called Pie for the People! that looks york style pizza, open until 9pm.

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