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King of the Hammers 2016 - Discussion and pics


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..Who all is going to this years King of the Hammers?

..This years dates are listed as Saturday 1/30/2016 thru Saturday 2/06/2016.

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I'll be there with Winter and a couple of other buddies. I think we are going to get there either late Wednesday the 3rd or early Thursday. We'll be cruising the 2016 Yamaha Viking 3 and 2016 Yamaha Wolverine. :thumbsup:

..The earlier the better as it will be Crowded this year..

..It's the 10th anniversary of the race..:burnout:

BackDoor and Chocolate Thunder are the easiest to get to and busy but open day and night for running back and forth to to watch the craziness...

I usually get the official course maps that come out the Friday before the race for the Lowrance so I know where the course ease and can route around and it shows where you can cross..

Last year,(not sure if they are doing it this year) Cartotracks also put out an official map for everyone to purchase here is there link. (Course should be similar only to 2015 map but may change)

Here is an overview map to help get you oriented..


These always come in handy in a pinch and I have a bandana map with coordinates you can by out there for $8..;)


Thanks, Ted. I actually just found a fox file with all of the waypoints and "track points" on pirate. Able to view them on my phone. I'll have to put it in my GPS as well. We'll have 2 UTVs to get everywhere as well. Looking forward to it!

Still thinking about it.

Was dam cold to sit on the rocks at Backdoor last time. Besides the online coverage is so good now. I can go to work in my nice warm office and have it streaming on one of my three monitors and not lose a day of vacation :D

Note to self...Find Stic-o's work IP addy this week and jam it during KOH..:D


I thought I would share this from Betty Munson over at the JV News..

Important #KOH2016 Information

• Entry to watch the 2016 Nitto King of the Hammers and all other Hammers Week events is no longer a 20.00 donation, it is a fee​ that must be charged​ at the gate. We do not have them in the Community Center.

The Bureau of Land Management is restricting access to selected public lands in the Johnson Valley OHV Area during Hammers racing, January 29 to February 6.

Hammerking Productions had to get an exclusive use permit, something Dave Cole has long resisted. He always said, we all pay taxes for those public lands. He ​never wanted restricted access.

But, now it’s a fee, 20.00 per person. The spectator wristband you get at the gate on Boone Road is your ticket for the whole week of racing action, as well as to vendors row and after hours events in Hammertown. The fee will help pay for the $130,000 BLM permit, $40,000 for porta-potties, $30,000 for fences, plus generators, light towers, 3 Jumbotrons, security, etc. etc.

To get through the front gate as quickly as possible, bring cash. Cell and wireless service can be spotty.
Speaking of wireless, check out for online access through Mojave WiFi, and all the spectator info you will need to know.

You will not be allowed within 150 feet of the racing except in the designated spectator areas. Courses for all races are designed to be bottleneck-free as possible, but certainly will be as challenging as ever.

Be prepared for crowds. Dave says all indications are we will see more visitors than ever. He asks spectators familiar with the terrain and routine to help out any newcomers; everybody have fun and be safe!

Contact to work on the race courses or in Hammertown. We are seeing the beginnings now of the building of Hammertown, looks like a slightly different location nearer the entry. If so, my guess is the bed of Means Dry Lake is not so dry after our recent rainfall. They do not want to mess up the lakebed, or have anyone bog down.

Be prepared for any kind of weather, warm, cold, wet, windy or all of that.. And, as always, pack it in, pack it out. Part of the deal is the racing teams go out and clean up the course, you can do your bit and carry your trash out to dispose of it properly – and, please, NOT by the side of the road as some folks have done in the past.

...and you can watch it all week (on/off) at

I'm gonna try and make it for the Shootout but I have work next week so i'm gonna miss the rest of the festivities.

I'm gonna try and make it for the Shootout but I have work next week so i'm gonna miss the rest of the festivities.

I mean it's good you have the work, but bummer you can't hang out. :)

Just landed the job so I get it while the gett'n is good...have fun out there.

Last year I forgot it was all mid week and came out Saturday afternoon. Everyone was gone haha oops.

So I am looking for a ride from the Ontario Airport to the RV rental place in Upland about 8 miles NW of the airport on Saturday afternoon around 12:30 - 1. Anyone around the area or on their way to KOH want to give me a quick ride? Thought it was worth a shot :D

Hope whoever is out there is staying warm. It was snowing all the way down to Lucerne and showing in the mid 30's on my way home from work this evening...

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...Brian1 and myself are out here...I've been here for a number of days and Brian1 got here yesterday. We rode around in my Ranger for a while as it was windy as can be on and off.

The heater works real good and we watched the Jumbo Tron from the front row after we shot pictures of the start of the King of the Moto's and got some pictures of a SAS first Gen Explorer which was recently shot for a feature article..:biggthump

My pictures are posted at