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Kinserin's 'compilation' post (56k warning..)

Figured since I've finally got enough parts and work done that I can show everything all at once... I'd start a thread.

Note this is just copy/pasted from another forum I'm on since I don't really want to retype everything again.

Shes an Explorer on the outside, but on the inside.. Shes got pieces all over from various Fords. Front diff out of a '78 Bronco, rear diff out of a '65 F-100, transmission out of a '96 F-150. And who wants to forget the lovely heart of it all - the 302 bored and stroked out to 347cu out of a '86 Mustang.

Mods are as follows;
NP205/NP203 (if my adapter ever shows up)
M5R2 Transmission
D44 Front w/ Detroit TrueTrac & 4.88s
D60 Rear welded & 4.88s
35" MTZs
a guestimated full foot notch of lift
custom fabricated series 1 fenders
custom fabricated series 1 bumpers - front and rear. Winch in the front with a winch going out back eventually.
347 with .202 valve aluminum heads, with a bulletproof bottom end as well as other mods

Thats all I can really think of at the moment.. Im tired and should be sleeping!

On to the pictures!

TTB with 2" of lift and 35s + cut fenders in the front

Rear bumper

Front bumper

Dont mind the crappy winch, its been replaced with a warn ;)

How tightly tucked the front bumper and winch are - grill was notched



Fenders during initial construction - bye bye crumple zone!


The obligatory flip off to the TTB!

Lining everything up for the SAS. Those coils most likely will never see the trail on her... Saving for coilovers

Fenders primed and bondo'd slightly. Note the existing fender is still all used. The original skin was cut and welded on the backside of the square tubing to save weight, rather then use something thicker and heavier.

Here she is sitting next to my brother in laws '94 with a 6" stage 2 skyjacker lift on 33s. It really isnt that big... It just looks that way because the rear is still SUA rather than SOA haha - But the difference is quite drastic regardless

And the most completed and up to date picture I have of her

If I remember I'll try and get pictures of the engine parts.. since its still in pieces as well ;)

Hope you like what you see.

Alrighty, engine parts pictures!

Here we have the spare 302 that will find a home in a certain Ranger I know of... I said will. Not maybe. I am twisting your arm Trace! :)

And on to my ~400hp build!

Bored .30 over with a milled deck. should be somewhere around 10.5:1 or 11:1 compression

Heres the only meh item in the build - the edelbrock performer intake. Hopefully it'll be removed and replaced with a high end EFI system.

SCAT Con-Rods. No H-Beams... Yet!

My stubby 347 pistons - Keith Blacks Forged Pistons.



My big valve Patriot Performance aluminum heads. .202 Intake and .160 Exhaust



My little crank balancer!


And a flexplate that I need to get rid of since I'm 5speed all the way!

Didnt take pictures of the two cranks (one for the first engine *cough*) because they're still all wrapped up and I didnt feel like pulling them back out.. I mean, I'm actually dressed nicely.. Don't want grease/dirt on my nice clothes.. again!

Alrighty, nothing too terribly special but figured I'd toss up some more goodies for the engine build. Pretty much have everything but gaskets for the engine so hopefully that'll be done soon too!

On to the pictures!

Crappy picture of the cam-related items. All CompCams, magnesium roller rockers as well.

Another crappy picture! MSD Pro-Billet Distributor, MSD Blaster Coil 2 and a Holly electric fuel pump.

Edelbrock Timing Chain, MSD Street Fire Ignition Control Module, and of course a new set of wires. MSD to match!

Pride and joy, my 770 Truck Avenger.


The new aluminum water pump, also edelbrock merchandise.


More edelbrock - aluminum timing cover.


The Holly fuel pump.

Some pictures of the MSD items.


And thats all for tonight, hope everyone likes what they see!

And two pics of my cluster idea, don't mind the crappy photoshop work I was tired last night and didn't care much lol. I got the autocad done right at least!



Thats all for now. Hope everyone likes what they see. Hopefully over my winter break I'll be able to mimic some of Winter's work found in the thread 'Will this work?' except I'll be going the square tubing route mostly to keep the front fenders that I spent who knows how much time on. Not entirely sure if I'll be tubbing as much as he is in that build, but we'll see. I definately LOVE the look that Explorer has now going on in the rear!

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Sweet explorer you got! I like the fenders, haven;t seen that done before! Put that 302 in the Explorer :)

Never mind, i just read it has a 347! Kick ass, you got pics of that in?

Its not in yet, I still have to build the engine - but that wont take long. Getting the parts will take longer than the actual engine build. I pretty much have everything on hand now other than my gaskets, but thats because the machineshop failed to mention how much they decked the block when they milled the head surface.... Sooo I need to figure out what thickness I need for head gaskets still /sigh

Im hoping over my winter break I can get to work on some more fabbing and finish some small things I forgot when I brought the truck home. Sadly I'll be running the suspension as is once the engine is in.. I haven't driven it in 2 years, Im having withdrawals lol

Sweet X! You'll have such a big smile when you drive that beast for the first time.

I'm glad I read this. I've been wandering if I can trim my fenders enough to run my 34's without the body lift. You didn't have any rubbing at full flex? I'd love to lose the extra 3" to help out my center of gravity.

iirc I only rubbed in the rear against the body and I don't recall rubbing a whole lot on the radius arms... But that was 3 years ago or so I don't really remember.

The portion of the front fender you'll notice was cut fairly far back to the body and the amount I cut out was where the first body line was. My front didn't flex worth anything so that may have been why I didn't ever really rub.