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Completed Project Kirby's Navajo Next Level

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
So I haven't been posting much or working on the Navajo. I have been wheeling some and dirtbiking alot and just not doing much new stuff to the truck. Anyway, I have been gathering parts and need to do some wrenching and take it to the next level. I did add a new door last night! The old one wouldn't roll up due to the new dents. Partly from Independance trail, partly from an encounter with a tree snow wheeling!

Here's the new parts going in:

1) 8.8 New Axle- The old one has some ghetto brackets and the pinion bearing is toast. I paid a guy to setup the gears and he must have set the pinion preload with an impact or something. I need to do something about this soon!

2) 8.8 Detroit EZ Locker Got it cheap

3) Dana 44 Detroit Electrac Its a gear driven posi until you push the button, then it is a spool. Got it Cheap

4) New Front Bumper. Got a Warn X8000I mounted up, now it needs some tube to keep the grill off the rocks!

5) Wristed Arm- Picked one up a guy built and didn't use for cheap. I need to redo the welds because I don't trust him.


Winch Mount ( I think I need to make a thread For this)


Side View


Top View


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So Here is why I needed a New Door

Indy Trail in Penrose, CO:


Winter Wheeling: (note the tossed passenger chain- This was a long day!)


And this is why my brother wishes he could get a new door that was color matched!


cool. How much snow do you guys have out there?

Nearly none right now. That was last year hunting in the mountains. It snowed a foot the day we got there. This year there was only a small patch of snow here and there. I have faith it is going to snow huge soon though!!!

I picked up a Doubler last week. Should be in the mail next week! Woo hoo!

What kind of doubler did you go with?

I see the pics in Post #1 and #2

No pics come through for me...

I got a D and D doubler. I can start working on it now, because I got the gears done in the wife's TJ. I wouldn't let myself work on the Ex until I got her 4.56s in. Here is the order of what I am going to do:

1. Rear Axle Rebuilt and ready to install

2. Front locker and wristed arm

3. Doubler install and rear axle install 1 inch further back. Hopefully I won't have to change the rear driveshaft with this. I will move the gas tank back at least 1" too.

I have no idea what the crap is going down with Colorado4x4. I paid my dues so I could post pics and now it hates me. Maybe I can do one pick per post or something? It doesn't make sense that it shows sometimes to some people and doesn't to others. I need to become an elite explorer too I guess.

Colin- They are supposed to. Since you are a mod maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong???

I tried that and it makes people log in. I made post on co4x4 to see if the allow that. Thanks for the help man!

Set up an account with (free) and you can link photos from there;)

When you install your doubler make sure you get a speedo cable from an aerostar. On my ranger, the stock one was to short to connect up. It was like $14 at Napa but was special order. I have a DD doubler and am very happy with it. I had to shorten my rear shaft 6" and lengthen my front 6" for the doubler.

Last I saw you were trying to sell the Navajo? Gald to see you decided to keep it and build it up.

P.S. I wont tell everyone here that you also own a Jeep! ;)

Yeah I gave selling it a shot. Everything is for sale! I would still sell it if I could get the right price. Problem is, I will never get the right price.

I have a 1997 Jeep TJ. It is technically my wifes car. She won't let me wheel it! It has 33s, 3" Lift, 4.56s, a 2 piece hard top, and a bunch of other small stuff. It works really well. The few times I have wheeled it it went every bit as good as my Navajo. It ramps like 960 or something! I hate to say it, but building a jeep would be a much more direct route. What can I say, we must all like the challenge eh?

You know if I was starting from scratch right now i'd love to build up an Unlimited TJ, nice wheelbase, fair amount of room and most of the aftermarket goodies just beautifuly bolt in place. I don't hate my Ranger, it's just not my first choice and until it's completely undrivable i'll hang on to it and continue to throw more time and money at it:p:

I'm still seeing red x's for all the pictures. Is there some why I can view the pics?

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Its because co4x4 hates me. I will move them to photobucket or something when I get some time.