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kkm intake question


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February 1, 2004
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stockton, california
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94 xlt
ok i have just installed the kkm intake and was thinking had a question about something. the breather tube that connects to the stock air box(and bolts to the grill) there is a hose that is connected to that and that hose goes to the exhuast manifold, or the header? i mean the kkm intake is supposed to eliminate the whole stock air system right?? well any help out there??

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I just removed all that along with the intake below the grill

Yeah that tube is just to warm the engine faster. I removed all of it also.

I don't know if its just because of Canada, but I cannot seem to find an air intake for my '93 X. I checked K&N and quite a few others, but nothing came up. I have I friend from Michigan with a '92 Ranger 4.0 and he put a cone on the end of his existing intake. I never bothered asking him how, but has anyone seen or done this? The problem is that the MAF mounts to the airbox on a flat surface, so it's not possible to stick a cone filter on it

The KKM kit includes a bracket that you use to mount a Cone filter on....... Also these can be found on ebay....

It jsut mounts up to the flat surface, and has a circle type deal on it that will let you Attach the Filter, Let me see if i can find a picture for ya...



You can see it in that Picture, it is the Metal peice in the lower Left hand side, That peice is included in the KKM intake Kit, or soem times you can find It seperately on E-Bay, Or sometiems you can find a Whole conefilter/adapter kit on ebay, this one pictured is for a 2001 explorer if i remember right from the auction.....