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KKM Intake


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March 1, 2009
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Palm beach, FL
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2006 XLT 4.0 V6 4x4
Looking to do some mods to my 2006 ex 4.0 V6. The first upgrade I am looking at doing is a new intake. I know there is probably threads on this but I cant find them.

I cant find someone that makes a intake for my truck besides KKM. Is it a good intake, where do I buy them from and I also heard it makes a sound difference which I am very interested in. maybe a whistle or something.

if someone could give me some input before I purchase that would be great. Thanks,

P.S. I go through some dirt and sand sometimes when I go offroading. Dont know if that would make a difference. :)

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honestly never really heard much input from KKM but id think it would work like most intakes do more throaty sound and a bit more throttle response. I think u will enjoy ur purchase. If ur looking for a good cheap mod have you thought about getting a programmer?

I have thought about a programmer but I really just want what you described. A cheap mod, throaty sound and a little better throttle response will defintly do the trick. I appreciate your advice. Do you know if the KKM is any good or if there is another good brand.

well thats the thing... im searching around but i cant for the life of me seem to find one for your year and engine size... you could always give making your own a shot. Ill keep looking tho

Awsome. Thanks for helping me out. I found the KKM Intakes at kustomz.com

yup lol that would be the site just found it off a thread in the forum archives lol do you have a yahoo or msn messenger?

I dont have either. I have AIM but I sign in like once a year.

Hi there you guys okay i was checking to make sure that no bolts came lose on my kkm intake. and i stripped the bolt thats on the aluminum bottom of the intake that attaches to the support bar do you think its okay to leave it or what do i do please help thanks.

$135 for a add on filter? I don't think so! It still is a hot air intake, and does nothing to get rid of the factory silencers which provide a lot of restriction.

^ Have you ever had one? Didn't think so. KKM has always been a long time favorite for every gen Explorer based on price/performance. It's more than an add-on filter. It comes with a very high-quality MAF housing as well. Checkout their website.

Im getting one now!!!

Post how you like it. I dont have one yet but I will shortly just want to know what to expect when I get it.

i sure will:D

didnt mean to double post
but I love it......K&N could have done this for us who have 06 up explorers
but to bad kkm did it
I Just put on on my 2006 v6 yesterday......

now I already have magnflow & sct.....

with idle speed tuned high....my truck move quickly without my foot on the gas(unlike stock it usually sit there)

so with kkm tru rev- you will get a excellent throttle response
and power that your truck lost from that quiet hot stock intake box
I mean my V6 XLT jump quicker than my 06 MUSTANG GT!! no lie