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Knocking from passenger valve cover!!


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December 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB
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2003 sporttrac XLT
For the past six or so months, I have been getting a cylinder 2 misfire code, along with a random cylinder misfire. My trac still seamed to be running ok, with an occational rough idle. about a month ago, I startedd my truck, and it started making a terrible knocking/tapping comming from the passenger side valve cover.(not to be mistaken for the timeing chain rattle. it's been doing that for years). I've been forced to buy a new truck, so this is no longer my daily, but I need to get it running, so i can sell. it still starts, and sounds horrible, but after warming up, the noise goes away until you apply throttle. I have pulled the oil pan, and made sure that there was no debris in the bottom end. so this morning I pulled off the valve cover. as far as i can tell, the springs look in good shape. one of the lodes on the cam(cylinder 2) is pretty rough, and there are some definite metal shavings in the area. Could this be the cause of the problem? can the cam be machined, or replaced? what are my options her, and what else should i be looking for?

Thanks in advance guys, i'm in way over my head here...


Hi, Can't really help, but just a bump on your question.

What sort of engine do you have? might help others help you with info.

Has to be 4.0L as that is only engine option for 03 Sport trac. Could have broken valve spring or roller follower concern.

i have a bent connecting rod (or so i think) cheapest bet is to swap the motor