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Krylon SUPERMAXX Adhesion Test on Cladding

Paul Fithian

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October 12, 2016
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Long Beach, IN
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2007 Job 1 RWD V8 Limited
I can attest that Krylon SUPERMAXX paint has outstanding adhesion to the polyproplyene molded cladding on the Sport Trac.

I prepped a spot on the front bumper by washing with Dawn soap & water, then a wipe with acetone on a lint free cloth.

Three coats of Satin Black SUPERMAXX were applied and allowed to cure for 5 days. No primer was used.

There was no peeling of the paint after a piece of duct tape was pressed hard onto the surface. There was no paint residue on the duct tape adhesive.

I did find, however, that acetone on a paper towel would wipe it off, even after 5 days of cure.

I will paint my cladding with SUPERMAXX Satin Black. I don't plan on wiping down the cladding with acetone.

As Painted.JPG

Duct Tape.JPG

After Duct Tape.JPG

Acetone wipe.jpg

SUPERMAXX Satin Black.jpg