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Kurt Carpenter "An Elite Explorer??" Oh yah!

I figured it was time to clean up my signature and just put a link to my mods.

I have a 1993 Explorer Sport, 1991 Explorer Sport "Trail Rig" and my wife has a 1994 Explorer XLT.

My 1991 Sport running on 35x12.5's, 15x10 rims, KKM Intake, 5.5" Superlift Super 
Runner kit F150 Coil Spacers, 5.13 gears, 4dr Rear leaf pack, Light bar, 6 KC Daylights, 
Skyjacker shocks all around Dual shocks setup in front and soon rear

And coming soon 93-97 Ranger 4" Flared fiberglass fenders and complete ranger front end and custom offroad bumper


My 93 Sport w/ 31x10.5's

My 93 Sport Stock

My Wife's 94 XLT

Here's what I've done to both of them.

1993 Explorer Sport: 31x10.5 Tires, Bug-Guard, Bubble Air Vents, Blazer Driving Lts, Side Window Louvers, Tail Light Covers, 9" TV & VCR, Custom Dual FLOWMASTER 40, AutoStart, Clear Corners

On mine I have added a lot of plastic and visors of all sorts. Installed an autostart for manual transmission and keyless entry. I have swapped the stock tape deck for a stock CD player. I also went with a flowmaster 40 single in dual out exhaust system custom bent exits out the rear.

1994 Explorer XLT: Dome Map light, Autostart
My wife's XLT so far all that she has let me do is change her dome lite from plain to the nice one with dual map lights and install an autostart.

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Congrats....but....I only see red X's.

Upcoming changes to my Explorer and New Developements

I am currently working on adding a logo to my cargo cover.

I bought a stock sub enclosure that I will be adding to the cargo area as soon as I can find a stock sub screen cover.

I have done a custom 3rd brake light cover using a ford oval decal that I painted over and removed to expose the lens.

I am adding a rear air deflector to one of these Explorers. Its sitting in my garage just need to decide which one gets it.

I added a cargo net for the rear of my Explorer as it didn't come with one.

As for future mods I'm working on:

I want to add an autodim rear view mirror w/compass and add an overhead console. Both fully functional.

I am waiting for my KN air filter to arrive in the mail.

I've got a Duff Lift waiting for me with a Rebuilt Dana35 and radius arms already mounted. New shocks all around Black Diamond AAL. Money in hand for this.

Adding Apten chip dual program w/LED to Sport. Set for 87 octane Performance & 93 octane Performance. Money in hand.

I just found out that someone close to me has a 93 Sport with 5.5" Skyjacker lift and 35's for sale for 1,000. It has a broken radius arm. I am going to buy it if nothing else is really wrong with it.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Just worked out the details and I will be picking up this 93 Sport with 5.5" Superlift and 35's in 2 weeks. Now I can have a dedicated trail rig.

Ok so here is what I have discovered has been done to this Explorer. Oh it turned out to be a 91 not 93.

6" Superlift suspension lift (All parts welded to frame for additional support)

superrunner steering, long pitman arm, braided steel extended brake lines. (I wish it had the super runner radius arms)

Radius arm bushings have added camber or caster (can't remember which it is)

The front and rear have been regeared 5.13, speedo reads correct MPH

Dual exhaust running unmuffled only glass packs back from Cat

Body has been waterproofed (sealed)

New Steering column from 93 put in

All hoses and wires in engine have braided covers on with blue bolt covers and all wiring is in blue wire wrap

Four KC daylighter 6" lights on Stealth Light bar

Two KC Daylighter 6" lights w/guards on Brushguard

Center console cup holder changed out to dual cup-holder

Rear defrost installed with new hatch glass

Extended axle breather lines installed

Skyjacker shocks front & rear

SOA in rear w/Shackles

35x12.5 tires on chrome rims

Hood latch removed and wire mesh grill installed, hood posts and pins installed

Carbon fiber pedals

Carbon fiber vent visors

Bug guard

Grizzly steps on both sides

Manual locking hubs installed w/push button 4x4

sweet... so yuo did pick up that truck... nice... good looking trucks, you have three and i have half of one.... :( poor me:(

w/the 31 1050's do you have to take off the front air dam?

w/the 31 1050's do you have to take off the front air dam?
no, you dont have to remove the air dam.

AWESOME explorer your picking up dude! that thing is sweet!

I've got a lot of work to do, any suggestions on a front end tune up? which bushings and ball joints to use.

I did zero trimming to put on the 31's. I am just getting into rebuilding the front end of the lifted 91 sport I bought. I will be replacing all the bushings to include radius arm, axle pivot, the superrunner steering bushing as well as upper and lower ball joints. I was thinking about going with the Daystar bushing kit, adjustable camber radius arm bushings. I need to check into this abit I may need to go with certain bushing kit with the 5.5" lift. Right now I am getting the t-case swapped in my 93 Sport and getting my manual tranny looked at, snapped the output shaft on it. So it may be a while before I actually get to work on the trail rig. I also have to fix the brakes on it, think master cylinder is gone.

sounds like a plan, I'm going to do some looking into this as well-I'll let you know what i find out. I wouldn't mind doing a 4 inch on my explorer, still shopping around on that one too. i want it to be streetable so i don't really want to go too high. we'll see.

do you have a condensation problem w/your headlights? do you know where i can get an adaptor to from my MAF to a k&n filter charger?

Well here's the latest info on my Explorers

My 91 is getting new axles front and rear this winter. I just bought a 77 Early Bronco chassis for all the parts. So this is what is happening with it.

Front D44 with 5.13 gears, rear 9" big bearing axle with 5.14's. I am planning on locking both front and rear but the method is yet to be determined. Minimum I will have a Detroit in rear and spooled front.

New tires and rims will be in order I am thinking something in a 36x12.5x16 or 17 with 10" rims.

The C4 tranny will be built up for some serious use. I am trying to decide on doing a divorced t-case set up. Running the bw-1354 and d20 t-case. Don't know if I can work all that out. But if I can't then I will use the D20, twin stick it and get a driveline e-brake installed.

I've got an offroad bumper purchased that I will modify to accept a winch that I will also be getting. The new Milemarker E9000 prices are looking real good.

I have also acquired 2 Bronco II rear tire carriers that I will use/modify for a dual carrier set-up. Whether its two tires or one tire and a jerry can I just don't know yet.

I also just got my 4" flare fiberglass fenders and need a few more grill parts to get going on my front end swap. I will making the front look like a 93-97 Ranger.

I also have a design I did this past year for a custom Snorkel that uses some parts off a Grand Vittara(I think). It utilizes the air intake tube that routs inside the fender. Looked like a great way to avoid the custom fabbing of tubes to get from the airbox to the rear of the fender.

I will also be spending some time learning to weld so I can make my own rock sliders and hopefully a rear bumper to go along with the dual rear carriers.

Maybe later as my skills come along with welding I may decide to tackle a roll cage.

A far off project I have been thinking about is doing some rear body modifying. What I am thinking about is doing a sloped rear to look kinda like the Military Humvees. This is wishful thinking and may be very difficult to accomplish, but I want to explore it a bit. The other body thing I have been thinking about is being able to modify it to be like a full-size Bronco with a removable hardtop. Trickier but who knows maybe its possible.

As for my 93 Sport I want to use it as my Daily Driver so it gets something less aggressive. All parts are in my garage for this just need to get it done.

Right now it is getting a 2" Skyjacker suspension lift with AAL, new set of leafs and warrior shackles in the rear. 32x11.5 Mud Kings are going on it and some wheel spacers are going on the rear tires to avoid rubbing and bring the tires more inline with the front. The front and rear carriers will be replaced getting rid of the 3.27 gears and going to 3.73's. I am planning on adding a Limited grill that I bought and doing something a little custom with the grill. I am planning on redoing the dual exhaust since the shop put 2" pipe on. What I want to do is add a second flowmaster coming off the cats and going with bigger pipes like 2.5" if I can get away with it. Sometime in the next year it will need the upper engine rebuilt since the lifters are tapping pretty bad.