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Only rolled it once honey
May 1, 2000
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One one in the KY, WV, OH or surrounding areas want to meet this saturday for a run at KY ORV ?

The editor of Offroad magazine is going to be there. Here is the email i got:

Kentucky Outback Adventure Park
March 5, 2005

National Magazine Trail Ride Is On!

About The Trail Ride

The Trail Ride is On! We repeat the Trail Ride is On! The Editor has confirmed this week that he will be at KY Outback Adventure Park to write an article about the park and, of course, off road enthusiasts on March 12, 2005. So get your rig ready to ride and meet us there.

Details concerning the trail ride are listed below.
Ride Details

This ride will be free! There will be no charge for riding at the park on March 12th.

If you are planning on attending, we ask that you notify us by e-mail or phone no later than March 9th. We would like to have an idea regarding the number of participants so we'll know how many people will be needed to help organize and manage this event.

We are asking for everyone to arrive at the park between 9:00 am to 9:30 am on the morning of March 12. This will give us a little time to get everyone organized and have all of the necessary paperwork completed. Please bring a pen to assist us in this task.

All Park Rules Will Apply To This Ride. Please read the list of rules on our web site at Best Jeep Upgrades 2021 - Your Jeep Equipment Expert. This means that all participating vehicles must be four wheel drive, licensed, and insured. Rock buggies are acceptable as long as they are licensed and insured. No rail buggies, quads or dirt bikes. Everyone will need to bring proof of insurance; vehicle and personal medical.

Everyone will be required to sign a waiver form to enter and ride in the park. We will also be asking everyone to fill out a short questionnaire concerning their rig to assist the Editor in writing his story.

We have invited some Lewis County Officials to attend this trail ride. We feel that it is an excellent opportunity for them to learn more about the sport, its participants, and the offroad park, and how all three can benefit the County.

Anyone that elects to go outside the park boundaries will be subject to Kentucky State Laws concerning trespassing.

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Had a pretty good trip today. Probably 50+ trucks on the park. Way to croweded and way to many break downs. I watched 4 trucks gernade a locker and or snap axle shafts on this first obstacle called Stair Steps. I was going to try it but the editor of 4 wheelin left there and went up the trail, so i didn't try it. I saw one jeep who actually broke a tube on his rear 4 link, a full size dodge broke the steering selector (gear box) and one guy who's battery went dead with his winch line out and stuck in a huge rut. But we had some snow last night which made it fun for the day. I know i'll be in the magazine with my pics at the bottom. The article will be in the July issue. Looking forward to see it.

Had me a little OOPS today too. My first body damage!

JoshC said:
Had me a little OOPS today too. My first body damage!
All I can see is your avatar, and I'd say thats more like a BIG OOPS. :p

So lets hear the story so we can welcome you to the :roll: posse. :D

Alright, so hears the story. After we sat on the trail for a while because of break downs, we headed back to the parking lot. I wasn't done riding and neither was that blazer in the pics. So we were headed back out and then the editor walked up to me and asked if he could go out with us because he wanted to get some pictures. So we said sure. He went over and ate some lunch then we headed out. The editor (i think his name is Kurt??) and his daughter rode with the "owner" of the park and his girlfriend in their wrangler. He took us up the creek where there were a few rocks to pose on, which is what the other pictures are of. That red cherokee kept trying to pose and kept getting stuck cause he was open both ends. The s10 was open the front and had LS in the back. The black cj had a 400 chevy small block, pretty nice ride. So anyways, we came to a spot where this big white dodge was sitting, the one that broke his steering selector and he had just tried to climb this big hill that they all the rock. There were probably 20 people hanging out there and with the editor of an off road magazine, i had to try it! So i did. Gave it a couple of shots and got close but never made it to the top. On the third try, i think, i tried another line and then the roll came over. I actually wasn't scared at all, it was kind of fun! lol I sat there for a few minutes while everyone took pics and videos then they turned me back over. The door doesn't look to bad, the window still goes up and down. It was acutally down when it happened, lucky it didn't break the glass. I think i can get it worked out pretty good.

So you think i qualify for the roll over posse?

JoshC said:
So you think i qualify for the roll over posse?
You're dang lucky if all you got was the door :thumbsup: Welcome to the club :chug:

I was just over reading the Rollover Posse thread and saw this:
JoshC said:
This is funny to read. I hope i don't join the club. I'm just enjoying reading about the rolls!

I am definitely going to buy that mag. Congrats :bounce: Why are you trying to fix the body damage??? Just take off the doors :D

haha, that's on old saying Jefe!!

I'm going to post this over on that thread.

I'll be showing that door off for while, i went to walmart and printed off the photos, so i'll be hanging them up at work!