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Kyle's 4406 T-Case swap!


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August 23, 2008
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98' XLT 5.0L 4X4
Well the parts or the start of the parts are all here. I have the T-Case a manual shift BW 4406 T-Case out of a 2002 F-150 with 75K on it is all. I have a rear DS from a 99' Expedition. My friend brought them down from Salt Lake so I can now do this swap this weekend. :) I'm way stoked about it. Here is the new T-case and Shaft. I am going to put some new U-joints in and get a new rear seal and the fluid I need this week and start taking out the seats and Consol to get it all ready for a quick swap this weekend. The shifter and the front DS are to come I have other plans that are tying up the money for that for now.

New T-Case and shaft.jpg

Few Questions, real quick.
In this pic what are these? This is on the front part of the case. Breather tube? and what connector? Mine has the speedo signal in the rear diff so I don't have to worry about any connections right? There is two connectors in the back to. Don't think that I have to do anything with them but thought that I would ask just to make sure. :)

Breather tube and Connector.jpg

This is the back

Back of T-Case.jpg

Thanks guys!

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top one is for the indicator light. the bottom one is for the front d-shaft sync. neither need to be hooked up. the bottom one would prevent the "grind" you might here when shifting. top one can be hooked up to your GEM to show the lights. the breather will be hooked up to your existing one. good luck man, you're gunna be happy with it. do you have a body lift by chance?

I don't have one I have read that it does make it an easier fit though. And the top one that is mounted to the t case is the indicator one? And the one that comes out in a wire then kinda circles around are for the sync?

male plug is for the lights, female is for the sync. sync can't be hooked up due to the fact that we don't have an f-150 front diff, so you can forget about that. heads up then, the bolt over by the cat converter's is going to SUCK to get at, a ratchet that can be at a 45 degree angle will do the trick. you will need to hammer out a little bit of the body too. as well as some of of the skid plate on the fuel tank. nothing a BFH cant fix ;). here check out mine and jt's swap threads, theyll be a life saver.
mountaineergreen (jt's is linked inside, how to hook up lights are in there too)-
neither me or jt have a body lift, so feel free to ask either of us if you get hung up :thumbsup:

Sweet thanks!!! Mountaineergreen, I have looked on that thread and is where I got the info to do mine. I am going to look at yours, lights I will hook up for sure and the sync doesn't really matter cause we have a solid hooked front diff right or will I have to stop completely to shift into 4 HI

no 4hi and 2hi are on the fly up to 50mph. 4low and back, the truck must be stopped and in neutral. you won't have a shift issue as long as youre quick to shift into and out of 4low ive found out.

Cool, I'm way excited. Just read your 4406 thread :) Where did you get your linkage from? None in yards around here and Ford wants $250 for only half of it.
How much did your mileage go up?
$120 for everything, less the boot. ps, you don't need the cheapest linkage piece, you already have it on the t-case. went from 18mpg with 33's to 22 mpg highway. city is still crappy with big tires lol.

Cool thanks for the link. Glad I am doing it this weekend the front shaft is GONE again this is the second one in less than 2,000 miles that has gone out on me. Can't wait to get rid of the AWD. Can't drive on freeway to much vibrations and you can feel and see the slop in the CV.

oh horrible design on those front shafts. 2000 miles though, thats an alarming rate to eat through a driveshaft lol

I agree. The truck has been GREAT .....other than all the front shaft issues. Long story but the one that's in it, is the fourth one in it. Had a normal u joint one made from Six States, it vibrated. Second had a spacer (puck) made to bolt to the transfer case then bolt to a double cardan joint then u joint to the axle. It was smooth under 60 mph but vibrated and got worse the faster you went 75 mph drove me crazy. So went back to OEM and it fixed everything was smooth again and was happy, until it had been on for 1,400 miles only. Headed to Salt Lake City at 75 mph the son of a B**** literally disintegrated on me. It was so violent I could barely keep the hands on the wheel. I got it warrantied and now this one has about 500-600 miles on it and its clicking and popping and like I said got under it yesterday to double check and make sure the length of the new shaft is good and I grabbed that shaft and sure enuff there is lots of play in it again. Grrr, 4406 will = Me :D

So here's some pics of the progress made today!
First two are of the new U-Joints that I put in today. Was weird the uppper one was a bigger U Joint than the lower one. Re-done with Spicer U Joints!
New U joint.jpg

New U Joint2.jpg

Next two are of me painting the shaft. I used a big 3M wheel to clean the rust off and make all pretty before paint. Painted with Industrial Commercial Krylon semi gloss.
Started painting the shaft.jpg

Finished rear DS.jpg

All that's left is to polish the nose slip spline part with a fabric wheel, will do it real soft :)

These next ones are of the T Case. You saw the first ones of it in my first post and now these two are before I cleaned it.
Before T case1.jpg

Before T case2.jpg

I used #1 steel wool it took everything off great and didn't leave big scuff marks on it or anything. Turned out great see for yourself, I only spent 45 min on the case. :)
After T case1.jpg

After T case2.jpg

Also done today was put in the new rear output seal in the T Case. And took out the passenger seat and the center consol. I've tried to do the center consol before and spent hours to no avail. But with this GREAT thread that has saved us all with the consol it came out easy. I got in the back seat and grabbed the sides of the plastic where the cup holder part usually is and my Dad in the front seat pushing on the medal bracket. One tough tug and it was off. The plugs I put in the side of that consol to power the lights is great :)

New rear seal.jpg

Interior Gutted.jpg

search by the part number XL3Z7B051AA

i just tried looking for it and it pulled up the wrong part. odd.

Hey nssj2! :) The swap has begun! :D I started about an hour and half ago and I have the shafts out the carpet up the tank and skidplate off the bracket bent and done and the top two bolts out and the nasty one that is above the cats but it wasn't to bad I ran a swivel and extensions from the top. Eating now and then back down pull the bottom bolts and the AWD case will be out and the 4406 is ready to go in.

no kiddin... you got this thing in the bag

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Sweet Thanks guys! I am done eatin and ready to head back out. Just some sealant between the t case and the trans right? :) I'm way excited