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Kyle's 4406 T-Case swap!

Now lastly the final pics of what it looks like going up to the T-Case!!!! All done but the skid plates back on figured I drive it for a week or so and make sure all is well before putting those back on.


Looking back at the rear axle

And the clearance around the front shaft shield.

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Now next time I go to Salt Lake I will search junk yards for the linkage and the front shaft that will be built for free with a double cardan joint for the smoothest ride, from six states for warranty exchange for the bad OEM ones I had. Will update on that, also the mileage improvement report and, the track time with this case!

Well quick update. The best MPG I got with the AWD setup is 14.2 I got 14.0 This last tank with the 4406 and thats with pulling trailer and four wheeler and a truck full of people forty five miles of that, the rest of that is all around town on 31's. I feels like it pulls SO much better. VERY happy with the swap. So my fuel mileage has gone up with the swap around town about 1 MPG. :) Bet freeway is at least two better, will let you know.

I was up in Idaho this last weekend for Thanksgiving and while I was there I searched all the junkyards there. I found the shifter bar, knob, and boot. I still for the life of me can't find this peace that goes between the Tcase and that shift lever that goes up through the floor.
I need this peace, if anyone has a link to buy or knows where I can get one would be great. Thanks


I still for the life of me can't find this peace that goes between the Tcase and that shift lever that goes up through the floor.

The shift lever that goes through the floor = dealer
The shift lever that goes from t case to your shifter is pictured both on your shifter and on the picture of your 01 t case on page 1
The shift arm from t case to shifter is short, like 4" short, like pictured above

from my conversion thread:

7210 upper is the only part you need
the shifter part is not pictured on the diagram, its the simple metal bar with 2 bushings (link from 7210 lower to t case shift arm, pictured, you have it already!)

You think 2wd is cool, wait until you put that monster in LOW RANGE and take it wheeling
Gen II 5.0 with 4406 = TANK
its like a totally different truck! I low to wheel mine in the snow, sand is *****in too, I have even gotten her twisty on the local trails when my BII is down

Congrats on your conversion it looks really clean!!

I drove it this AM to work, I got 10" of snow at my house, so 4hi came in real handy :) (same road I rolled my old 96 5.0l AWD, now 4hi handles it with no problem)

I think that I may have found the Lower section. Yes its been the one that I can't find. The Ford dealer showed they don't have it or couldn't get it. So I talked to a friend that has worked at Ford for 23 yrs. He looked and found that in the computer it shows 97 and 99 as N/A. But for 98-01 show that they can get it for some reason. Same part #. ? go figure. The guy must have looked up the year that it happened to show N/A. Anyways they want $139 for the lower. He said he can do the whole thing for $115 his cost. That he found as he walked out of the door. I found the upper section already and have the link to the T-case from the lower so tomorrow he is going to see how much just the lower is so I will probably have it ordered and on its way tomorrow :) Excited not having four wheel is killing me we have had to use the roommates 02 Cherokee. And with his in 4 low it doesn't have as much power to get through sand and stuff as mine did with the AWD. So can't wait to have it back.
BTW good diagram Ford faxed me that same one today! :)

K I have the part ordered :) It cost me only $71 with the cost of my mechanic friend at Ford. It should be here tomorrow afternoon along with the pigtail for the gauge lights.

oh dang I mis read your post, I thought that was a picture of the part you found! LOL

They are difficult to find in the junk yards because they mount to the side of the transmission, so the shifter itself is almsot always sitting on the side of the 4r70w tranny they pulled from the F-150... so to find one in the junk yard I asked to see all their 4r70w transmissions, sure enough they had 3 or 4 of them

I got my new part toady! :) see!! Hopefully I have time to install it this weekend. Also six states owes me some work so they are going to build me a front shaft tomorrow. Thats why I posted that front drive shaft thread I am curious if a normal shaft is fine with no vibrations or if I should just do the double cardon (CV) first ?

well the t case and the front diff dont move much, just as much as the frame flexes and the engine/trans mount allow....the expedition shaft I have works 100% bolt in with hybrid u joint

Shaft will be built and here tomorrow! :) About time I have my 4 wheel drive back. Had to by a ring for the lady is why it took a bit for the funds ;) Using a 2" tubing for the shaft. Also doing a left front wheel bearing on Saturday to its giving me a grumble. Always something

New shaft is done and looks good. There isn't weights on it so I hope that is balanced they just built it this morning. Hope I have time to finish it this weekend.


That looks good, take some pictures to show clearances.

Well today didn't go quite as planned but was alright I guess still got stuff done. All I had left to get was the two big bolts to mount the bracket to the tranny. Well proves very hard to find here in St. George spent a lot of the day looking and I did finally find some. The size is a 14 mm. The only on they had was a 2.0 pitch and I think that it is a 1.75 cause after half way in in starts getting real tight. But should be okay just spray a little lube in there and it should go its aluminum. And they are 35mm long. 14mm-2.0-35mm
Anyways spend hours looking and driving everywhere so didn't have time to finish it before I had to go to Vegas tonight. But while I was out I got a new front wheel bearing and so I did replace that today and it did get rid of most of my grumble I could feel under the floor board. The rest I am very sure is just the big tires. So I do have all the parts and will do the rest this coming weekend I guess :) Here is some pics of the bearing change.

Look at what the old one looked like when it came out, also when you spin it you can feel it kinda felt intermittently gritty which is what I could feel in the floor while driving.

New part Timken bearing, 1 yr warranty, $189

And finally on the truck.

the other side is likely in similar condition! I know arent they cheap? I hate those things.

I can replace bearings on my 93 front end for $32 as often as I want.....stupid Gen II hubs = $$$$$

Yes they are pricey and a pain. Jaime, try changing the studs in those, that's hell.

Id probably just run 4 studs LOL

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f those hub assemblys. mines getting angry, but itll have to live lol. anyways, note on those bolts for the linkage. pita to find as well. my 97 case has 1/2 13 bolts in it. i couldn't get the 14mm bolts to thread past a few turns. little heads up if you run in to problems with the 14mms.