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Kyle's 4406 T-Case swap!

Very nice Kyle, cleanly done. I like the front shaft fit, the sizing and clearance. I was worried that a larger size might be closer to the exhaust or trans, it turned out great.

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Thank You! We took it out tonight for its first real test and it did great it goes in and out of four wheel drive smooth. The only little thing with it is I have a slite vibration now with the front shaft(think its the front shaft its the only thing that has changed) when its at 75mph. About 70 and under it is pretty smooth. Just part of the beast with it not having the front diff disconnect? But overall real happy with the set up.

Here are some pics of the night out in the snow this all snowed today in the desert for crying out loud! :) Half hour drive from my house.

Pics of the truck in the snow


How deep it was

Friends Jeep

Got the jeep stuck in some slick rocks and ended up slowly sliding into a rock :eek::thumbdwn::mad::roll:

OOuch Good thing he works with a body shop


Few more pics


The snow was a reward for your hard work. Time to play--
Good job getting it finished up.
How do you like it after sleeping on it now?

this thread is great! makes me wonder, should i have lifted and built my 97 awd instead of my 93? hmm.. idk, maybe both? if i had a fat wallet laying in my center console like Kyle maybe i could. haha keep up the good work!

- Jack

Thanks Guys!!!! :) And jtsmith I LOVE the new set up!! Works great and real well slides into any spot on the t case smooth as can be. Fluid in T-Case is still crystal clear (red still of course but clean) Also from the looks of the t case when I got it it never saw off road so it almost like a bran new case!! I did do kind of an oops today :) I put it in four to get up on my stands to work on the skid plates today and when I finished and backed out I left it in four so it shuderred a little backing up turning I was confused for a sec then I remembered Haha. The Gas tank skid plate is back on and the T-Case one is all fabbed and ready to install I just need to grab four 3/8 bolts and nuts on the way home from work tomorrow and it will be done, also will do those front sway bar end links and bushings tomorrow they came today!!!! :) Anyways will post some pics of my skid plate it came out great and is SOLID!

Put on my front sway bar stuff today!!! :) went on perfect and it did get rid of the clunk that I kept getting when the truck would twist. ( or when that tire was out of balance)

Pics, the OE one was like a plastic with no rubber bushings or anything is all hard plastic. New ones are Energy Suspension Poly bushings.





Alright I finished my skid plate and its way solid and turned out great and I fell better with it under there now. :) Now time to really play! Will try the rocks when the snow leaves this weather is freakin crazy we got another six inches today and that doesn't include what its supposed to do tonight and I live in the desert. Can't wait to use 4 Lo. Anyways I have several pics to show what I did so there will be a few pics!

First You have to cut off this cast ring for clearance. Like this.

DSCN8333 (2).JPG

Next you have to remove the heat shield on the bottom of the Cats and trim the far right cat like this.
DSCN8334 (2).JPG

Next I got some aluminum bar stock! Nice thick Insanely strong and easy to work with! :) All good combos for making new stuff! I clamped it to the skid plate with a par of vise grips.
DSCN8336 (2).JPG

Then cut it to the shape and width of the skid plate.

Then drill through the skid plates existing 3/8 holes and slot them to match the skid plate. Then I drill a new small hole and put a small screw through the skid plate into the bar stock that way when you go to hold it on the truck the bar stock stays right where you want it! :)

Then put the skid plate on the truck I used a floor jack to hold it there and get it where I wanted it and then clamped it into place.

Then Get it where you want it to make sure it covers that T-Case. Next Check your clearances because the T-Case and the exhaust are going to move. I trimmed a little more off the T-Case you can see where in the pics.



Then when you have it in place drill four 3/8 holes into the frame for the new mounts. When you do drill the holes on the drivers side be careful not to let the bit go through real fast. There are the fuel lines and things tucked up in that frame rail. I used grade eight 3/8-16 by 1 1/4 with washers that way the bolt goes all the way through the nut that you put with washers in the frame rail but not through so as to not interfere with the fuel lines and things. Was surprisingly easy to get the nuts in there and even to get a wrench in there to hold it while you tighten. Here are some final pics of it and clearances. The pic of how it looks on the left side of the T-Case (closest to drivers side) is posted in the post above as well as the exhaust one that shows you how close it is to the exhaust. Turned out great I like it and Its not going anywhere for sure!!!




dude those skid plate shims turned out well! how much did that cost? mine is ghetto rigged with washers for now lol

Nothing I bought my boss lunch and a eight foot stick of that aluminum was mine. We use it at work, in commercial store fronts and things. So I do have a ton more and could cut you a few pieces if ya want? Just pay shipping and its yours! I thought of doing washers at first but thought if I hit it hard it may shift or break the blots so I came up with this!

This weather is nuts!!!!! Still snowing. Hummmmm guess that means my front bumper will become a snow plow tomorrow cause the snow will be so deep! :) :) Usually only get flurries once a year here in southern UT and they are lucky to even hit the ground much less like this. Nice thing about here in St. George is I can drive less than 30 miles and be in the mountains and drive in the deep stuff like in the earlier pics! So dessert in Arizona (4 miles from my house) Live that close to border. Or 25 miles north to mountains. Or 15 miles North West to sand dunes and rock crawling! :)


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holey crapola, I dont think I ever installed my skid plate! LOL

Have to dig it up out of storage, I have like 7 different skid plates in storage so I think the one for my 96 just got lost in the mess! I wheeled the crap out of my 96 with no skid plate LOL

Go use your 4x4 low man, wait till you see how low 1st and low is = crawl

Hahaha I figure I use the truck enuff to justify it :) Not lifted or anything either so I have rubbed it a few times. I can't wait to use the 4 Low!!! Just have to wait for the rocks around me to clear off from snow (might be a little slick and not so much fun when I roll the truck) I will do trails in three feet of snow for now! :) Love the truck! Never will I not have a 4X4 again!

it only takes one bad storm or freak snow fall to justify having a 4wd vehicle. and no matter how much my friends pester me about getting a small car im the one they call when they want to go out when the weathers bad or to places their hondas cant make it.

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I hate the AWD setup! I want my 4wd back. I cant wait to do the swap and get the gas milage back.

Very nice job on the swap. It looks like a factory install, and thats the way I like to do things. :thumbsup: