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L/S in explorer and mustang


December 19, 2008
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98 Stock V8 XLT
Is the limited slip carrier in a mustang 31 spline 8.8 the same as the l/S in an explorer.... to put a fine point on this questions.

will a Mustang GT500 31 spline limited slip carrier out of an '09 or '10 work in a 2000 explorer 8.8?

The GT500 l/s carrier has up graded carbon fiber clutch packs that are supposed to be stronger....

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The explorer 8.8 is currently an open Diff. Wouldn't this be a straight forward carrier swap. no shimming etc...?

You can use the carbon clutches in any of the 8.8 traction lok units.

its currently an open diff. I dont have the tools to set up and R&P backlash etc.... this might get outsourced if that is involved

If it were me, I'd probably pay somebody to get the gears set up right. There's a chance you wouldn't need any shimming, but I wouldn't want to count on it. This is one thing where the tolerances are really tight and the chance for error (for the uninitiated) is just too great.

Are you planning to reuse the old R&P or are you buying a new R&P? You might ask your installer how he feels about setting up old gears. I know some don't like to install used gears because, even if you get everything set up within specs, you don't get it set up exactly as it was before, and the gears can be noisy while they break in a "new" wear pattern.