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L4CX's D30 SAS Build/Question/General newb Thread

Alrighty, I just got my hands on a D30 from a YJ for free...Well, almost free, I got the guy a case of beer for letting me have it. Anywho. It's going to be a pretty easy, Basic set up. Leaf springs in the front, SOA in the back. Now, keep in mind I'm poor and still have to save up for the untold things I'm going to come into during the project. One Thing I do have going for me is taht I have access to a shop that has all the neat little tools needed and then some. It's the Maintance shops at the camp I work at. Should be fun.

Here are my Questions/thoughts:
1. I'm going to be building the front X-member much like Section525's. I thought it looked cool and It's pretty straight forward. However, I also want to incorporate a Front reciever into that X-member and was wondering if it would be better to weld it or Bolt it on? Here's the reason why...I've read alot of posts about people welding thier tow hooks on and then other people saying that's a horrible idea because bolts would be better. I was just curious if that would be the same idea in this instance? Also, this would allow me to do most (if not all) of the welding on a bench. Which would be much easier.

2. My friend is offering me two sets of rear springs from an 84 Bronco. I'm going to have to order new spring perches so I could get the right width ones. Then from there I could Tinker with what combination of springs to take out to acheive a better ride. Sound doable? Or should I just start looking for Waggy springs.

3. Last one in my book of a post. I'm goign to try and find some Hi-steer parts, but if I can't would it be ok to use stock steering components for a while intill I can get the right stuff for a Hi-steer set up. I'm going to have to by parts either way, so....I'm not sure. My question is can it be done. Keep in mind, I'm not going to be moving anything more the 33's.

That's about it.

Here's a pick of my explorer. 1996 4.0 OHV 4WD

For the axle, i don't have any pictures. However, it's just a D30 so....Go look under a YJ and that's what I'll be using. :)

Thanks guys.