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lack of heat


November 24, 2013
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Lebanon, VA
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2002 Explorer XLT 4.0
Vents in dash blow warm heat, but the vents on the back of console blow very hot heat, anyone have an idea of why? I've changed thermostat, checked fluid level and nothing changed. Inlet and outlet are scorching hot on heater core, so I don't think it's stopped up.

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Bump, anybody have any ideas?

Your problem certainly can't be lack of heat in the heater core but might have something to do with the damper controls. Hopefully someone here has had similar issues and will jump in. Is yours manual or auto temp control.

If you are getting hot air anywhere in the cabin then your problem is not with the heater core or engine. It sounds to me that the door that directs the air flow is stuck or broken, ( probably to the floor position ) I had to manually force my defroster door open to get sufficent air flow to the windshield. there are 3 different doors that control the airflow inside the cab.

It's the manual heat btw, I'll check out the video when I get home. What 3 doors are there?