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Ladies and Gentlemen....

I give you...

A Ford Explorer!!!!!


Hooray for being elite!

now if I only had money for Mods...

and I would like to say thanks to all the people who have helped me with my problems, and I assure you, there will be many more silly questions asked by me!

UPDATE!!! 10/12/10

New Pitchers:



More new ones:





I'm slowly gathering parts to add a 1354M and will eventually SAS with a D30

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nice explorer u got there lacky

Thanks guys!

when it stops raining I'm gonna take some more pics and (if time/money allows) some more mods!

just ordered two Rancho rs9000xl shocks for the front. total cost: 218 and some change! I used discount code EXPLORER and got a 5% discount at!

I will get them installed, take pics and let ya'll know how they ride

can't wait!!!

well J/K on the Ranchos. I cancelled the order, there are much better things I could be doing with that cash.

I went to Pick-a-part and got a pair of A rated torsion bars for the front end. should be a significant improvement over my H bars I have now... :cool:

I do have a question though:

The bushings on the top of the torsion keys are worn down to the bare metal. would I be able to re-use the key off of my truck?

and when the dude pulled the bars for me (lack of the proper tools) he didn't need a gear puller, like is stated on other "remove torsion bar" threads.
would I be safe pulling my own bars w/o the gear puller as long as the truck is off the ground?

been a while since I've updated this :eek:

nothing has changed really since my last update as I've been busy working on my Mustang. As soon as its in daily driver mode I can start tearing into my sploder. I've been daydreaming what I want to do with it and I have a loose outline of my desires:

1) paint fender flares and bumpers black
2) Fog lights, which may include a brush guard
3) Replace crappy glasspack with a better muffler (if I stick with the same engine)
4) 31" BFG ATs (or the equivalent Treadwrite re-tread)
5) 4WD conversion. I'm sick of getting stuck in snow!!!
6) possibly a V8 conversion as well, assuming I can find the right donor and have the space to do it in.

and yes I understand that it would be simpler to sell my rig and get one that already has 4WD, but theres no fun in that! plus I've gotten very attached to my truck and I don't want to re-learn a new one. this way its more of a project and I learn more about the truck :)

so far in my studies, I've learned that a donor rig will be necessary for the swap. if I can find a rolled V8 explorer with AWD that would be my best bet. Now heres the tricky part, I REFUSE to put an automatic in my truck. I want to keep a manual tranny. I've been following Nick26s thread on his M5R2 swap, and that seems doable. I just have to be very careful and methodical as I plan it since theres a LOT of changes happening to the truck at one time. On top of that I need to get new brake components up front, balljoints, CV joints, tierod ends, bearings, and manual hubs. and I'm sure I am missing stuff. I still haven't looked into ALL of the details, but this'll be the place to store the information gathered.

I'm open for advice or things to do or not do. I know the tranny crossmember will need to be cut down or re-fabbed. I'll need to figure out which harnesses I'm keeping, which i'm splicing into, and which I'm replacing with the V8 ones. I'm pretty sure the 4x4 engine crossmember will need to replace my 2WD one. I also need to figure out what I'm doing with driveshafts. and If I used the M5R2 tranny, can I use the AWD transfer case out of the donor ex? cuz then I have the wires and buttons from the donor as well. oh! and is there 4WD V8 explorers with 3:73 gears? that'll be crucial

at the moment I'm driving a little blue Hyaoundai. Borrowing it from my dad. cheaper to drive :( stupid nugget.

thats the main reason I wanna get my Mustang up and runnin, I wanna drive a cool car again

well I have good news and bad.
the good is the little blue nugget blew a headgasket and needs a new engine.

the bad is the mustang will not be a daily driver, so my explorer is once again my daily.

It's been a little finicky lately. I had to replace the starter relay again after just a year. This time I bought an actual Ford one.
My alternator died a couple days ago. I had the stock 95 AMP unit, but I bought the 130 AMP instead and it bolted right in. I should've done this upgrade a long time ago! my headlights are brighter and I have enough amps to add fog lights.

although I REALLY want to swap in a V8, I am going to keep my six until it dies. I am on the lookout for a donor to swap in 4x4 though.

my tires just recently picked up a bolt and a screw. Les Schwab says I need to replace them as thats the last time they can be repaired.

I forgot to update this after my custom bumper install!!

this is the thread I made when I was figuring out what I was doing.

I'm already starting plans on a custom rear bumper with swingout tire carrier, heavy duty roof rack/basket with four lights up top, and a second battery with fused power outlets.

I also need to get better tires soon. If it snows this winter, I don't want to get stuck, and I want to have some fun at truckhaven!

I got a little birthday present for myself today! I bought some used BFG All Terrains in 31x10.5x15 for $30. the rims they are on dont fit my truck, so I ordered some Cragar V-5 black steelies. they are similar to the Soft 8s, but I hadn't seen anyone else running them and they were a little bit cheaper. I got them for $196 shipped to my door! I got the 3.75 backspacing, and I suspect I'll need to do a LITTLE bit of trimming on one spot. they should fit nice and look great, so we'll see in a few days.

I've also been sourcing some parts for my 4WD swap. Located a tranny, hopefully I can get a good price on it. and I have a lead on a front diff for cheap. If I can find a 1354M and driveshafts after I get the tranny I should be able to do half of the swap really soon. then I'd be waiting on money to finish out the front suspension and call it good. time will tell.

OH!! and I got my Private Pilots License last Tuesday! not only do I feel way more accomplished, but it frees up a little spending money for my explorer!! :D

I got my wheels today! they look sweet! simple, but better than factory cuz I'm not much of a chrome fan. I wont be able to get them mounted yet. but I checked clearances and they fit great! can't wait to get tires on em :D

oh, and I took the running boards off today. I've never actually used them cuz I'm 6'2", and I found out yesterday that my short little brother didn't use them either. I decided to chuck them, so I did. pictures after the tires are mounted.

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