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Land Use Permisson Form????


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November 23, 1999
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Ok Guys,
I am looking to create a Land Use Permisson Form for my local 4x4 club, Im wondering if anybody out there has one or knows where i can find one?? This Form would be used to get permisson from land owners so that a certain gounp of 4x4's can use said land.

Please I need to find something like this.

Anyone have anything?? Rick? maybe some of your frineds might know of something???


Im the land use liason for our club OCC. What that means I dont really know- still putting it together. We dont have a form. We have a list of phone numbers and contacts for the various land owners and agencies we deal with. Formal written agreements none. I think there is a reluctance by land owners due to liability concerns on their part. No paper trail, so to speak, for the lawyers and insurance companies. Specific one time events documents are drawn, but other than that we dont have any.

If you come across a template or model I would be interested in seeing it.

Good luck