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Lanzar opti500.2


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November 13, 2002
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Hatteras, North Carolina
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'97 XLT
I am wondering if anyone know anything about these amps and if they are at least decent and will do theyre rms power of 900w. I will be running a 10" Audiobahn Flame Q that does 900w rms to it.

don't really know ANYTHING about the amp itself, but i haven't heard good reviews about Lanzar, why don't you just save your time/money and buy something a little more (i don't want to sound like an ass but...) "name-brandish"

Yes those are not the greatest amps... It may work, but I wouldn't invest in it. Just save your money and buy a better amp. Check eBay. I paid $320 for my $1000 anp, and $255 for my $500 amp.