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Largest Tires for a 95 Explorer?

On a 95 Explorer, what is the largest tire that I can fit on the stock 7" rims without rubbing? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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That is a 15"x7" I believe. Drrr

31x10.50's fit on mine just fine, even before I did any type of lift.

265/75 r15 and 31 x 10.5 may fit
265/70 r15 should fit
30 x 9.5 will fit
255/75 r15 should also fit (same height at 30 x 9.5 but wider)

math to figure out size take first set (255) divide that by 25.4 and that will give you width (in inches) of tire then use the second set of numbers(70) and use that as a percentage against the inches of the width and it will give you height of the sidewall. times that by 2 and add the rim and you'll have the overall height.. let me know if that confused you

Very easy to lift your truck (t twist and shackles) cheap would be able to fit 31 x 10.5 with no problem or any of ones listed above.

Thank you much. I think that I will check into 31x10.50 and see.

About the t-twist the shackles.
Is this only for the rear, if so how would you go about lifting the front?

Do you know of any diagrams to accomplish this?

Cheers Again!

The torsion twist is for the front end. You twist up the torsion bar adjustment bolts, making the bar turn down which lifts the truck up. Do a search on torsion twist and you'll find plenty of info on how to do it.

The shackles are for the rear. You just get longer shackles that make the truck lift up. Again, do a search and you'll come up with a lot of info.

Originally posted by ChuckyD
I wish my front end were that easy
Just put in some coil spacers for an F-150. Also easy and cheap.

A wise man once said "If there is one thing that is better than cheap, its FREE"
Now thats a quote to go

I think it is also said that "you get what you pay for".
Depends on who's $ you are spending I guess.