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late model seats in 1st gen????

alright guys, sorry if this is a cliche question, but here goes. i got a 91 X, got everything close to done till i look in my truck and it a stock truck. so do the seats bolt on from a new x into a 1st gen, if so what years?? does the back seat go in also? i'm in the process of ripping off all my plastic interior and painting it black cause it's just tooo red in there. rhino lining the floor once i get the seats. thanks.

The Seats from a new one will bolt in a 91 but you have to use your Original seat tracks 91 had different floor mounts then any other Year Explorer.

so seats off a '02 will work? just as long as i use the 91 seat tracks?

Your Better off finding seats from a 01 or earlier. I cant confirm the 02 seats as I never looked at them.