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Long story to this truck. Short version:

I bought it Summer of '04 for $250 as a parts truck. Had "Something Cracked" is all I knew (head, block, didn't know, but too good to pass up for parts). Turned out to be the intake manifold gasket. Had it running for $100.

Here's the day it came home.

And beside my '91:

Less than a week after I got it running, the transmission starting leaking so bad I had a smoke screen. Transmission shop somehow dropped it from the lift, 6ft fall, over $2000 damage, would have been totalled. (if they didn't have a body shop that owed them money).

The Damage:


After a few months and a lot of fighting with both the body shop and transmission shop, it came out looking like new.

Since then I've herced the rockers and a rim around the wheel wells, added some lights, a cb, "custom" wiring box, and a 2" lift.
Here's what it looks like now.




There's a lot more pictures of this truck and my '91 in the link in my signature.

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very nice..lucky truck to..looks like brand new after that little slip

Nice success story! ha :thumbsup:

You've done a nice job. Sorry to hear about the transmission shop fall.


It turned out to be a good thing. You can see in the wrecked pictures how bad the paint on the hood and roof was. The rockers were pretty bad too, and in the process of trying to fix the damage in them they fell apart and had to be replaced. The new paint isn't that great. Kinda orange peel, especially on the hood, and thin enough to see primer in a few spots. But its definitely better than it was.

My '91 and a question.

I got bored, so here's a picture of my '91 and a question.

I'm thinking about taking the grill guard off this one and putting it on the green one since I can't find them anymore. I guess I would just put cheap lights in the holes in the top of the bumber on the tan one. What do you think?


hey nice truck!are any of you explorers intrested in a hypertech chip for their trucks,its for a 92 auto 4L engine vin x

Added this cause I thought there were updated pics but there weren't...

nice x u got there

Hmmm, just a wee 2 inch lift....I think with some nerf bars, I _might_ just be able to get into my truck if I do one of those...*ideas running amuck in the brain*

Thanks for posting the pics, it really does give me a bit of hope that I may be able to *mod* my truck, eventually, without having to be a skyjacker! :D Now, if I can only find one to buy for that kind of money...I'd be a really happy old broad :p:

LBarr2002 what rims are on the green sploder.. i love them and want a set

This truck has undergone some changes since the last pictures. Right now its in the garage sitting on jackstands with no axles, waiting on gears to be installed. I'll get some updated pictures and details up soon.

Here's a hint of what it looks like now...


The X when its put together

And how it sits right now....

Actually the rear axle is out as of tonight. I'll be picking up my 5.13 rear disk axle tomorrow, and giving the guy the front gears to get it finished up.



Its all back together now! If you haven't done a disk brake swap on your first gen yet...DO IT! Best thing ever. We're going to Gulches ORV park again this weekend for a shake down run.

After almost finishing up the axles...(I have a Rockcrusher diff cover on the way from JTSmith that I'll change after break in period) I decided to tally up the total cost of my truck.

Including purchase price ($250), transmission rebuild ($1200), wheels/tires ($600), and regear ($800 plus misc. parts), I'm just over $5,000 total. Not bad for a truck that will outperform any street legal truck I know of around here on the trails and can still be driven to town if I want. You can't buy a decent J**p as a starting point for that!

I've joined the SOA club! (Which probably means I'll be joining the Roll Over Posse soon). The 2" suspension lift is gone, and its up 5.5" in the front and SOA in the back, with the AAL I had in the pack already. It sits about an inch high in the back, which works for me.



First flex shots:



nice!! you should add a bl, and throw on some 35's :D

It's got a BL. I'm at 9" and it'll clear 35's easy. Just no money... :(

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Update: I advertised this truck for sale a while back, but never really tried to get it sold. My buddy that helped build it (he helped with the 2" lift and body lift way back, the locker install, built the bumpers, and numerous other projects) is buying it from me and should be picking it up this weekend. I gave him a good deal with the understanding that I'd still get to drive it some on wheeling trips :).

Its basically still in the family, and it'll still be in the ExplorerForum family...