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ld50 Explorer mods revisited

Hello fellow Explorer enthusiasts.
If you want to jump to my solid axle swap thread click link below: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163210

If you start here you will see the mods to my Ex in cronological order as they happened, and as my own ideas and expectations were being formed. Some of my early mods led me into my SAS, and were essential to the process. There is a link to my solid axle swap at the end.

This started out as a re-do of my modification thread I started before I finally became elite. I couldn`t go back to it and post pictures so I wanted to redo it in style.

~~~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~~~~~

This is a rough guide that may depend on your resolution!


-Front license plate raised
-driving lights
-Stock picture
-Cone air filter
-CB and cheap glass mount antenna
-Wire mesh grille
-Front tow hooks install
-2"suspension lift + shocks


-2"suspension lift + shocks cont`d
-Broken front lower shock mount remedy
-Addition of 31x10.5 tires
-Alignment woes
-Fire extinguisher added (with warning pics)
-Rear locker added (my initial thoughts)
-How I beat the "left side lean"
-My first real trip report with thoughts on truck perf.


-Body lift kit parts problems
-Canadian flag 3rd brake light
-2" Body lift install
-2" Body lift install cont`d
-Short lived front bumper gap filler (LOL)
-Rear bumper remount (2" higher)


-Rear bumper remount (2" higher) cont`d
-Front bumper remount (2" higher) (Tow hooks raised inside frame)
-Warrior shackles and rear shock mount skidplates
-Skid plate problems
-My first time towing a Jeep outta the mud
-Rear sway bar removal and upper shock mount mod
-Emergency brake cable mod #1


-More Warrior skidplate/shockmount problems noted
-Front splashguard (bumper to swaybar)
-Trip report; Vancouver Island
-Post trip thoughts
-Warrior skidplate shock mount breakage
-The amazing throttle cable mod!
-Hieght measurements to bottom of bumpers


-Info on wheel spacers
-Warrior comes through with proper plates
-Rear shock mounted to axle with old sway bar brackets
-Raised upper rear shock mounts
-I get the dumb idea to buy a bra
-The "Zimmerman" rear spring mod (I later regret)
-Front swaybar disconnects (cheap, didn`t work well)


-Emergency brake cable extension!
-1 & 1/2 inch wheel spacers
-1 & 1/2 inch wheel spacers cont`d
-Custom exhaust (brand?)
-My first stuck!
-Wheeling thoughts and misdiagnosed problem
-Hippoliner on rockers (like herculiner)
-Replacing a rear shackle bushing with poly
-Starter problem troubleshooting, repair
-Note on premature corroding of battery cables for 91-94 Explorers


-Better front swaybar disconnects
-Dual battery setup!
-Dual battery setup! cont`d
-Fender trimming to fit 33s


-Fender trimming to fit 33s (cont`d)
-I put my front driving lights in the back for reverse lights
-The 33s are on!
-Warrior shock relocation bracket mounts for rear lowers


-Four foot antenna mount at rear corner
-Another trip report
-1 year anniversary
-I prove that I could possibly be crazy


-Cheap fender flares
-Old Man Emu rear springs (OME-36)


-I assume that I have reached a plateau!

-Detroit EZ locker install into my open front diff.

-Detroit EZ locker install into my open front diff. (cont`d)
-Rear towhook install

-J-Clips to keep front coils from popping out at the top

-Link to rusty rocker panel repair
-Link to Solid Axle Swap

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maybe you could help me ive got a 97 xlt 5.0 awd and i am tired of the awd (every time i go and play with the friends i dont have as much fun as they do) my transfer in worn and more money than i would want to spend on just one stock part. My 5.0 is just getting old the people who had it before me worn it down. so i want to do a solid conversion on it an a 302 carb c6 or c4 and 4wd trans and i dont have the tools or resources so i found a 76 short wide ford 1/2 ton with 10" lift and a bunch of other chassis mods im wanting to put my body on but i want to run 38x15x15 and keep the front fenders and my electric windows not worried about locks. so far weve started on the chassis to fit the body but still dont have motor or trans and transcase. can you help a youngpup.

ps love the ride and mudding shot

Why not just swap out the AWD transfer case for a 4-hi/4/lo model? Wouldn't that be easier?

If you are really going to do the body swap, you are on your own as far as knowledge is concerned. Everything will be a new discovery. No real tech out there for that sort of thing. It is done all the time, but there is a lot to figure out!

thanks but i thought about doing a transfercase swap with a 205 universal but the lift for the 38x18x15 so far is hard to come across and the chassis is in a friends salvage yard and its already got 10" lift now i need my wheels and tires and motor trans transfercase if any one has one they would sell. and i have never realy built a mudder by my self like this so its all new to me i dont even know the best gears to run because eventually in will be a crawler as well

More power to ya! Just wanted to ask the question.

I'm hand building my own rock rig, so I get it. It used to be an 86 Ranger STX. Now? It is an 83-98 Ranger-Explorer/Jeep/Dodge/Chevy/kid's swing set, something or other -- that still mostly looks like a 90 Ranger extended cab. :D

I have a question

Why the hell are you guys talking about a 2nd gen project here anyway?
-just wondering, cuz I don't know anything about them, nor does my thread indicate such knowledge in any way. I just don't see the relevance, wierdos.

PS Nice to know you're still around GL, I`m surprised to hear you are hand-building your own rock rig, power tools save so much time.

You coming to Moab again this next year? I'd love to check out your rig, if i even recognize it!

It`s a dream that has been a little hard to realize. 09 was my target year. I`d love to go again, but always have other things that come up to drain me of money. '10 maybe, already have a standing offer for the borrow of a trailer, just need to justify the cash.

I'd love to make it again also -- before it gets closed down forever...

Perhaps we should hit up Gerald and Ashli for a 10th anniversary run...

My own ride should be rolling soon. I'm getting to the point where it is assembly time. Just have to get my doubler parts ready to go and I start building it like a boxed car model. Frame and suspension are just about finished. New cab is sitting there waiting for install. Axles still need to be geared, but I found a guy that will build them for $85 a pop -- I can't get the tool I need for that (I know how to set them up, but without a shop and their tools, I'm sort of stuck). He builds for most of the local businesses, so he knows his stuff.

From civic to super Explorer

Hello from Richmond, BC. I have a 1994 Explorer xl and when I found your thread I could not stop reading it until I finished it. I even read the bronco axle part. so it is 3:15 am and finishing the axle part. Thax for all the information, mods and time that you have put into it. I used to be a honda civic guy until my wife convinced me to buy this Explorer in 2007 since then we go camping every time we can and I even went to VCC to learn automotive and heavy duty mechanics to be able to work on trucks and of course to be able to work on my explorer.
thanx again !!!!!!!!!(excuse my english, it is my second lenguage)

Hello, Greetings from Spain

This thread is awesome I could not stop reading until the end ... congratulations, I envy all that makes your copiare Explorer and I think some things ....
Mine I have it with Rancho 9000 and control unit, twin Warrior153 2 ", reinforced spring 2" body lift 3 "and wheelarches 33x12.5R15 oversized wheels. I'll post some pictures when I learn.

It's been over a year since your last post LD. Any updates?

Has it been that long? Wow!

Well as for updates, I have not broken anything this year, however I have been pretty busy so I haven't wheeled a lot. We have a new baby in the house plus I have had to work out of town alot.
One recurring issue I have is with my driver`s side rear brake drum assembly. When I replaced the drums during the axle install I asked for 78 F-150 drums and assemblies. The driver`s rear seems to drag, and wear unevenly especially after releasing the E-brake. I can actually see that when the brake is applied, the arm inside the assembly contacts the housing. I think that forces everything out of whack in there. As I mentioned before, the 9 inch is unique and up to now, unidentifiable through axle length measurements. What I have determined is that the backing plates I have on there are the same as a 66 ford car would have had AND if I had tried to replace the backing plates with 78 F-150 hardware, they would not have fit.
Anyway the uneven wear is not a huge issue compared to the fact that the heat generated melts the grease out of the outside shaft bearing on that side.
Next year I intend to adress that issue, possibly converting to disc brakes, but I will likely see what is cheaper. The brakes I have work very well, probably since they were originally designed for a heavier vehicle.

Right now I am planning to build a storage compartment in the back to stow my camp gear and tools, and also fasten my hitch mount winch to so that is is easier to access. I will still have room on top for my subwoofer and a tray to strap a cooler into. I really want to make this out of aluminum with a chekerboard top plate, but I have to sort out the materials.

Other than that I still have insurance so I want to do some snow wheeling before it expires in December.


Hey man thanks for the one about the zip straps and the throttle cable. I got a question tho.. We have the same truck well did mines just red. I cant find the place you talked about for the mounted hooks.. Do you have a before and after or can you explain it a bit more?

If you mean the front towhooks I got from Lordco, that is a Canadian auto parts store. I`ll bet you can find them all over North America though. I`ve seen them at several parts stores. I suggest asking around, you should find some fairly easy.

No I have hooks I just cant find where you put them I have an idea but it just seems like it would be to far back to help.

Edit: Never mind I got the hooks now the thing with the fiberglass is killing me haha. I cant find what to connect it to.

Bump for in depth thread.



LD50's threads should be stickied or some how retained for future generations to view.

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this pic looks very photo shopped