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LD50 Full-size axle thread `93 Ex

LD50 Full-size axle thread `93 Ex SAS

Hey fellow Explorer enthusiasts!

Well I never thought I`d do it, but it`s time.
I originally thought I would go to a smaller rig one day but I`m going to beef up the Explorer instead. Since I already have a huge thread on my previous work I decided to start fresh.

If you would like to see my previous mods, you can navigate from my signature link, or click here:


My plans are to install a D44 and 9-inch into the station wagon and run 35 inch tires. Hopefully she`ll still get in the garage, but if it don`t then oh well. During this I also have some body work to do.

Right now I have the rear end out, I took off the spare tire hanger and removed the muffler and rear most heat shield. (doors are off for body work)Next the gas tank comes out so I can prep the underside for rust protection, from the t-case back. In the meantime I am trying to sell some parts for cash.

First big decision is what gear ratio. The 4.10`s on 33s was nice, but I think I`d like a bit more torque than that so I`m thinking 4.88 or 5.13s.


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Oh, it's an "L" :p

I would go at least 4.88 with 35s. I know a couple people with 5.13 with 35s and they like that too. Is this still going to be your daily driver?

I have 4.56s and wish it were geared lower. I'm also going to 37s next so I'll be spending some money.

Good luck. :thumbsup:

Oh, and mine still fits in the garage. I've got about 6.5" of lift with 35s.

I've got 5.13's and will be running 35's. My 3.slow engine needs all the help it can get.

I would say 4.88's would be fine with a 4.0 and 35's though, especially for all-around use.

Good luck with your project!

4.88s should be fine. I have them with my 37s and it's got plenty of power around town and can still cruise down the highway at 80mph when I need/want to. :thumbsup:

Are you running full width axles or Early Bronco d44/9"?

"daily driver" is subjective, right now I am a mere 5 minutes from work, which is why it was easy to pull the insurance to work on the truck. Mainly the Explorer is going to be for pleasure, not alot of highway trips since we can take my wife`s vehicle instead.
This is kind of why I was thinking about 5.13`s. Back before I moved, the 4.10s on 33s were great for the commute to work and the trips out of the city to hit the wheeling areas, but now I live further up the valley which is close to alot of areas. I still have time to make a decision tho`.

This weekend I sandblasted the 9 inch and welded the spring perches on, also I cut the shock mounts off since they would be unusable now. I also did a light sandblast on my Old Man Emu springs, washed them and rinsed with cold water to start a sheen of rust, brushed "rust converter" on them, primed them and am doing a top coat tonight. Also had time to finish cutting out all the rust on the driver`s side rockers, do a little rust work and start the fitment of the replacement metal. I sprayed with weld thru primer in the meantime.
Would have dropped the gas tank but a friend dropped by and insisted we drink rum down at the river..

The D44 is in pieces. But since the rear should be easier I chose to do that first.

PS thanks for the replies.


  • ready for fitment bodywork.JPG
    ready for fitment bodywork.JPG
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Go 5:13's. They are really nice with 35's. Besides, give it a year and someone you know will be selling some 37's. You will think to yourself "eh, why not. I dont really drive it THAT much anymore..." and then you will be happy you went with 5:13's. :D

and if you need to hear it again, 5.13's

If i have my truck with me in BC this year we have to get a wheelin trip put together and have a BC run :D. Good job anso far and good luck with the rest of the work.

Unfortunately if I can`t sell my old stuff it may not be this year that the project is done, tryin to scrape up the cash to finish the 9 inch but no one is biting, gotta put an ad in the paper I guess.

i'll vote for 5.13s also.. just in case you hadn't made your mind up yet.

Got the underside from t-case back all gutted and ready for attacking rust. I was wondering what the wire was going to my 8.8. Anyone know?


  • Gutted underside from rear.JPG
    Gutted underside from rear.JPG
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  • Pass side rear underside.JPG
    Pass side rear underside.JPG
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Had to laugh, I tried putting my spare tire on one of the front hubs and it wouldn`t fit. I got the spare when I got my 31 inch tires 3 AND A HALF YEARS AGO.
(The tire guy gave it to me in place of my old stock one, I left it in there when going to 33`s because a 33 wouldn`t fit and figured it would do in a flat tire situation).

Good thing I never got a flat.

Here`s a pic of my 9 inch with perches moved in.
The stock width on the 9 inch axle from center of perch to center of perch was 44 inches. The Explorer is 39 inches. I did some math so that`s 2.5 inches a side. I did them dead even with the old perch angle, I hope that`s the right way to do it...


  • 9 inch re-build 1.JPG
    9 inch re-build 1.JPG
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Well, I`m still making progress in other areas. The left rocker is repaired finally. I worked it with mostly lap joints, except at the top of the dog-leg behind the rear door. After, I swabbed on a bit of filler to just smooth it out. I`ll finish it with hippo-liner (Canadian Rhino) just like it was before.

Next I gotta get the rear underside and frame painted with some POR-15 and start getting it all back together. still haven`t sold any of my old stuff, gee whiz.


  • left rocker done.JPG
    left rocker done.JPG
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