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Leaf Spring Bushing replacement

Josh C.

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August 28, 2011
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1998 Mounty v8 AWD
I thought I would write this up because I couldn't find solid answers while searching (not saying they're not there I just didn't find them) and I ran into a problem that others have also. Sorry no pictures.

So I am putting an F150 Leaf pack on my 1998 Mounty. I bought the Energy Suspension Kit 4.2124R, yes its for 91-94 Explorers but it works for 2nd Gens. For the rear leaf spring-to-shackle bushing remove the whole bushing (outer metal sleeve - rubber - inner metal sleeve). The smallest Energy bushings go here, 2 on each.
For the front frame-to-leaf spring bushing remove just the rubber and inner metal bushing. The bushings that come with the kit only fit if you leave on the outer metal sleeve.
If you have to remove the outer metal sleeve you will have to order a new bushing.


Right here guy is cool it's him and his son
They aren't poly either so they'll last more than a year
Steel sleeve then rubber then a steel sleeve eyelet
$28.98 each
See this page for the measurements
You want bushing RB12ST or RB237. These bushings are just like the stock ones. Your local spring shop should be able to order these for you, or order them online. I got them from Deaver Springs in Santa Ana and they only cost me $20 and Deaver pressed them in for me.

Right here guy is cool it's him and his son
They aren't poly either so they'll last more than a year
Steel sleeve then rubber then a steel sleeve eyelet
$28.98 each[/QUOTE]

The front spring mount bushings are 50-5386

The Rears are 50-5383 (need 2 per side). and the sleeve for inside the rear bushings are 50-5385 (1 per side).

I got those from page 79 from the LMCtruck : 1991-2005 Ford Explorer Catalog (online).

I don't know if they will really work for the frame/shackle mount but that other post I found from the other forum said it would.


a little cheaper than LMC

Removal of the bushings:
Stock bushings are outer metal sleeve-rubber-inner metal sleeve. I dont have a press and I actually broke a vice trying to press them out. I spent about an hour with my mini sledge trying to pound them out in various ways. Then a light bulb came on. I took my drill with a drill bit and drilled out the the rubber, once most of the rubber had been drilled through the inner sleeve came out easily. For the outer sleeve I took a sawzall and carefully cut through till I hit the metal of the leaf spring. Then I pounded a chisel down the slit I cut till the sleeve came loose. I think I removed all four bushings in about 30 mins this way

The Energy Suspension bushings are easy to install because they are a 2 piece design. The stock bushings need to "pressed in" I used a hammer. A good trick is to put the bushing in the freezer and the leaf spring in the sun for a while (its been almost 100 here) and they should slip in real easy


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November 29, 2000
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I got replacement bushings from National Spring in El Cajon, Ca for $15 each. Pressed them in / out with a ball joint press.
I like the OEM type rubber bushings because I feel they allow more movement versus the poly bushings.
To help remove the original bushing, you can also spread the leaf spring bushing eye slightly by pounding a chisel into the seam. I have also burned out the rubber bushings with a torch, but that is messy.