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Leaf Spring Compatibility


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June 11, 2001
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73 EB
Is the leaf spring for a 95+ the same as for a 94 or under? I ask because I want to swap out my mono leaf and I found a leaf for a 94 xlt for a great price. Will these work?

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It should be the same. Well i just swaped a 97 4dr spring pack to my sport. The ride is a improved from the mono leaf.

i was interested in doing the same thing. taxxman, about how much did u find the spring pack s for? soupbone, do u have any pictures or details of what u did?
Rick H.

I found the springs for a 94 xlt for about $30 each. I just want to know if the pre 1995 4 doors had the same length rear springs as a 1995+? I also have a couple other questions:

1) If I did the Zimmerman Mod, what would be the effects to the rear end towing and hauling capabilities? Will it sag easier?

2) What about just flat out using the springs from a Ranger? would that keep me a the same hieght? Higher? and would I get better load handling in the rear?

By the way: I found the springs at a junk yard.

Unfortunately I dont have any pics of the process. I did have help though. We used a floor jack on the center of the axle. Bottle jack under the shock mount. I took the shock off and the ubolts. Make sure you put something under the side of the spring when you remove the bolt or it will pop down and break/hurt things like your fingers. I have brusied hand to prove it. put a bottle jack or small screw jack under the spring to gently let it down once you take the bolt out. Mono leaf is easy to handle and isnt that heavy but the 4dr pack is. Make sure the small dial thing pops into the hole on the axle. This makes sure the leaf spring is lined up. On the second spring it will seem that the spring isnt lined up and the dial is off. Simply push the axle or wheel to line it up and jack it down on the dial. Then make sure you torque down the ubolts and the shackle bolts real tight.

Ill try and take pics of it soon but i dont have pics of the process. The price was $80 for used springs from a 97 4dr and lunch for my buddy.

Hope that helps you out.

Anyone have any ideas on springs from a Ranger?