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Leaf Spring Exchange


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November 1, 2009
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1999 XLT
I know that the "sag" has been talked about at length, but I have a question. I have read everywhere that the 4 door springs can be put on a 2 door (mine is a 99).

The question is and I don't understand is; My mono leaf is 3" wide, and all the 4 door springs I lookup are 2 1/2" wide?????

How can that be if they will fit? Am I missing something?

The Suspension King
95-01 Explorer, Mountaineer, Navajo Rear Leaf Spring
[FOR82] $119.00

Click to enlarge
# Leaves: 4 (3/1)
Load: 1,100
Pack Thickness: 1-3/4
Measurements: 2-1/2 Wide 25-11/16x30-15/16

1991-2001 Ford Explorer (4 dr) - Leaf Spring (Rear - 3/1 Leaves)

Model: 43-967
Mfr: Mulitple US Sources

larger image Retail Price: $163.95
Our Price: $125.95

SRI No. OEM No. Width PL-1
(A) PL-1
(B) Arch
(C) No of Leaves Pack Thck
D Spring Capty. Remarks
43-967 F1TZ5560A
F17A5560DC 2 1/2 25 11/16 30 15/16 4 13/16 3/1 1 7/8 1,250 Two Stage

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They have to be the same width. Think about it this way: if they are different width, then there has to be two different sizes of spring perch, shackles, front leaf spring bracket, and the retaining U-bolt plate (that also serves as the shock mount).

FOR82 3+1 springs

I bought the FOR82 (3+1) from The Suspension King and they fit fine on my Sport. The only problem was I had to reuse the old bolts that hold the leaves together because the head on the new bolts was too large to fit in the spring seat opening. I should warn you that the ride is rather firm (especially with IAS shocks) but that's what I wanted. The height is about the same as stock unless you decide to use some of the spacers from your monoleaf. There are some photos of my installation on my Registry in my signature. I have more photos if you want to see them. I thought about doing a thread on the installation and will if you need it.

Your avatar states that you have an XLT. Did you buy a Sport also?

I just swapped mine and it worked for me without a hitch... other than somehow the Explorer fell on the ground due to a slight bump... What plate should I have removed? I did not removed anything... If you change shackles, just be ready to not be able to remove the upper bolt from the frame bushing. But if it is just the leafs you should be fine.

I found this picture from the exchange. The mono leaf is notched inward for the mount. I would assume a 1/4" on each side!!!:D:D:D


So were the new springs 3" wide or were the mono leaf 2 1/2" wide?

Were they different widths?

So were the new springs 3" wide or were the mono leaf 2 1/2" wide?

Were they different widths?

Yeah If I remember, I will run downstairs and look... Mono-spring is 3" stock. That is what i had. Now I have the 4 door pack which is 2 1/2". I prefer the ride of the leaf pack than the mono.

rear spring rates

The leaf spring part numbers seem to be an industry standard across suppliers. The spring rates are as follows:

spring code.......part........rate........arc
L ..............43-1183 .... 1131 lb .... 4.5" ... (monoleaf) (hard to find)
F, H ...........43-1159 .... 1100 lb .... 6.5" ... (3+1 leaves) (common)
U, V, W ........43- 967 .... 1250 lb .... 4.6" ... (3+1 leaves) (common)
H (obsolete) ...43-1161 ..... 877 lb .... 6.8" ... (3+1 leaves) (Husky special order)
V (obsolete) ...43- 969 .... 1175 lb .... 5.3" ... (2+1 leaves) (Husky special order)
W (obsolete) ...43- 971 .... 1100 lb .... 5.8" ... (2+1 leaves) (Husky special order)

http://www.huskyspring.com/Explorer-Rear-Leaf-Springs-1991-2001_c_975.html has most details
http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7705 lowest price