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Leaf spring swap, 99 to later


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October 30, 2008
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99 Explorer sport
Ive searched and searched the forums, but can not find anything. My 99 leaf springs are sagging, theyre just the crap monoleaf ones. Ive read lots about doing the AAL, but what about just upgrading to leaf springs from a later model EX. I think those are a multileaf pack. Anyone have any info on this?

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The 4-door leaf packs are multi-leaf...

I think the 2000 and up Sports also have multi-leaf rear springs

so it it just a simple swap between my mono leaf and a 2000+ multi leaf?

i was wondering if its a direct swap too.
i have a 2000 sport thats sagging on the drivers side too.these are monoleaf trucks but if you look closely there are a few other lifting blocks in there with that monoleaf.so a multileaf pack can work.
but are they the same length is the question.
direct bolt in?


for those who have done this on a sport model ,how was the ride afterwords?
does the ride become much more stiff?
bounce around too much?
handling issues?
i just gotta ask.thanks

You will get a slightly harsher ride out of the multi-pack versus the mono-leaf. Thats a given since you are adding springs, it can only get harsher. It shouldn't get "bouncy" because even the multi-pack set was designed for comfort.
You will not experience any handling issues from the swap, it might even handle a little better.
Keep in mind that even the multi-pack will sag over time, and your "gangstah" lean will return. Reason being is your gas tank and the drivers seat is on the same side.

so a straight up swap from the 2 door mono leaf, to a 4 door multileaf is best? same year? or is there newer models with a better multileaf pack?

springy thingies

:cool:I don't know if this is the correct way but I added 2 leafs on each side on my monoleaf. I took one leaf from a set I had out of a 86 250 and an add a leaf that I had left over from another project. They gave me a total of about 4 inches lift and the ride did firm up a bit but nothing drastic. I think there is a post or thread whatever it is called about building a set out of f-150 springs it was in depth and very understandable. Hope this helps.

Going from the monoleaf on a 2 door to multileaves from a 4 door actually smooths the ride out. The rear of my '98 Sport rode considerably harsher than my '91 4 door, until I finally got a set of multileaves from a 4 door & installed them on the Sport. Voila, much smoother ride, even with AAL.

The multileaf design offers progressive rate, unlike the monoleafs.

will switching to a multileaf from a 4 door give me any lift?

I don't think so--but I used junkyard springs & AAL.

I'm thinking of going with the LMC truck $100ea. multileafs this time around though.

is there any way you can take a 4 door leaf pack and put aal's on the pack and get a lift of around 2 to 2.5in? or will you get that kind of lift with out even adding aal's? what years or 4 door are compatable with a 1998 sport with the mono leaf

When I put used multileaves with AAL on I got zero lift, it just leveled the truck (my monoleaves were sagging). But, I'm sure that was because the multileaves were used & somewhat saggy. Not sure if AAL is supposed to raise it at all.

I bet between AAL & longer shackles you could get 2-2.5" lift in the back, depending on the condition of the multileaves you use.