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Leaf springs and shocks


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November 30, 2000
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
Started towing a small camping trailer. The tongue weight is about 350-400 lbs, which is well within limits for my Ex. I've noticed that the truck squats about 2" when I hitch up the trailer. I've done a pretty good job balancing the trailer's load and also anything I'm carrying in the truck and she still squats more than I think it should.

I've got 162,000 miles on the Ex and about 90,000 on the Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks. I'm sure the shocks could stand replacement, but what about the rear leaf springs?

1. What's a good curbside test (manual and visual) that I can do on the springs? I don't want to replace them if they check out OK...$$$ y' know.

2. What would you recommend for replacement shocks...suitable for occasional towing?

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Get a set of the Monroe load leveler shocks for the rear. The have a coil spring wrapped around them and will help maintain the ride height.

I put F150 junkyard leaf springs on my 98. Worked great. There's a long thread if you search for it.

That's the most recent thread about using f-150 leaves to freshen up an explorer leaf set.

Its really not that hard BUT an impact wrench, and some c-clamps makes it much easier. A 2nd set of hands really helps too.

I rebuilt my pack (changed leaves etc) a few times in the last month trying to get the leaves to the right spring rate and height for me. Once I had the springs out of the truck it took me 30 minutes or less to re-pack them to a different configuration.