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Leaf Springs


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November 5, 2000
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97 Sport
Currently I have a 97 explorer 3inch body lift with monoleaf springs in the rear. I have warrior shackles in the rear which I believe give 2 inches of lift but they bent the hell out of my monoleaf which was to be expected.

I want to replace my monoleafs with some full leafs. And well I really don't know where to start. Im not really looking for any more lift. Im happy with the rear ends height but I don't know what to buy fellas. What do you recommend?

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I believe JCWhitney sells replacement leaf packs, but I've never looked into it. I got some shipped to me from a junkyard when I used www.junkyarddog.com

Ok i've since changed my mind. I want to remove the warrior shackles and get 2" springs instead. I'm not overly worried about cost im guessing around 250 to 300 bucks is all they should cost but im having a problem I can't find any. I know they are out there. Help me out fellas. This monoleaf crap is killing me and the rear end is starting to sag even with the shackles on there. So I figured just put the old stock shackles back on and get some real leafs. Anyone have any recommendations or could at least lead me in the right direction?

Look in to OME "Old Man Emu" - OME-36 I beleive is the part Number that is what I'm Running. You may have to look into ARB because OME is now owned by ARB.

I know that a lot of the Sport Guys on the board are running 4door rear leafs. I don't however know if thats gives them more lift. The OME-36's give me 2" of lift.

Hope this helps...

Why not just go to the junkyard and buy a set of 4 dr leafs? You could keep the shackles on a sit about 1/2" to 1" higher than you are now. There is a huge junkyard just south of Chi-town that has tons of stuff... I plan on going down there some time this summer to get a new driver's door for my F-250...

I replaced my mono leaf with yard springs off a '97 4 door. I did not get lift, but I now have a level back end. I'm also using warrior shackles for 2" of lift.


I figured if I go to a junk yard and do that ill probably end up with a sagging rear end in 6 months anyways since they are used. This is my daily driver too so i would rather not be changing them every 6 months. Any way to tell if leafs are still good?

cool. Ill have to check it out because the quote for the ome36 springs is going to be around 215 a spring which is a bit pricey and I just really want to get a beefer leaf package and keep the same lift height.

See what happens when you buy a new mechincal tool set you go out and start buying all kinda new stuff.

I agree with Alto! OME springs are better than 4 door leafs although, they are pricy. If you're going to go with the OME's, you've got to go with the OME shocks too. They're designed to complement the springs. N16's in front and N17's in the rear.