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Leak after changing oil filter adapter gasket


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June 7, 2017
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Miami, FL
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2004 Explorer 4.6L V8
Hello everyone,

Last weekend changed the oil filter adapter gasket and it looks that it keeps leaking oil from somewhere. What I saw is that I can see like a drip of oil on the filter, that makes me think if I installed correctly the gasket or not. When I put the new gasket where it goes, I tighten up all the bolts correctly and it fitted with no problem, used the Fel-Pro 70801 Oil Filter Adaptor Gasket and compared the old one with these and there was no difference, exactly the same size. The old one was so bad so it should stop the leak.

The question is, do you think that is leaking from the same place? I'm pretty sure that I have more leaks, with this new gasket now is leaking a lot less that what it used to leak. It should be time to go ahead and do the valve cover gaskets I think...

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Valve cover gasket could definitely be the source, not sure if it works the same as I've never done one but did you run fresh oil around the gasket before installing? I know that's done on the filter gasket itself not sure if it helps to do it on that one as well, otherwise maybe take it apart again and verify everything's good, maybe replace it again if there isn't a leak somewhere else, check the valve covers as well as the pcv valve hole if it's close by. I had to replace one of my actual covers as any pcv valve i got would not thread into the cover

This morning has been the first time I haven't seen any leak on the floor. Thinking about the day I replaced the gasket, when I put the new oil filter in I filled with oil as they recommend but maybe filled to much (fillet the max). so maybe it was leaking because I had too many oil in it, don't you think? Noob's mistake!

That could be a possibility but I've never experienced that myself, as long as the two mating surfaces for the gasket were clean and allowed to tighten down properly should have no issues there, if it's still leaking it'll definitely require inspection though

After a few more days and another weekend gone, there's no more leaks under the engine after driving the car the whole day and leaving it outside with a carboard under. Maybe the gasket molded between the adapter and the engine block and now there's not even a single oil drop.

Thank you all for your tips!