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Leak in left rear quarter panel glass???


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June 12, 2012
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'98 XLT
Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced my issue. I've been meaning to post this for a while but just getting around to it tonight. I went to the touchless car wash tonight and I think my left rear quarter panel glass is leaking. Here are a few pics I was able to snap:




When I wash the truck myself I usually see a water drop or two form but it rarely ever drips down to the wheel well hump. The headliner has never been damp and the window does not seem loose and the exterior seal looks fine. I did some quick research and I'm led to believe it could be a loose window causing the leak? Is it true that these windows just bolt in? Does anyone have a write-up of accessing the window bolts that includes the interior plastic trim removal too? Thanks in advance

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This is the tool my ex-Ford mechanic neighbor recommended, and lent to me. It worked great. ZERO broken panel "Christmas tree" panel clips :thumbsup: It worked so great that I got my own set of PC Snap On trim tools off eBay for a bargain price :thumbsup:


yes, I had this same problem on two of my 2000's. tightened the glass retaining nuts and problem fixed.

Thank you everyone. I already have a set of trim removal tools so I'll have to tackle this on a warm day and report back. I love this forum!

my 96 did also. you need to tighten the window inside by removing the inside panel. then slowly snug the window bolts.