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leaking and stinking


July 13, 2011
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kapolei, Hi
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2004 2x4
well i got a leak from the oil pan. looked like it was the lower pan gasket so i changed that but now it continues from somewhere above the oil pan. it looks like its dripping onto the exhaust piping and burning and making a bad smell whenever i park the truck.
right around the same time that happened sadly the tranny started slipping a tad once in a while into 2nd. possibly connected?

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Valve cover gaskets i changed those and the oil pan gasket and that was in july i have not had 1 oil leak since then.

Maybe check your trany cooler lines? I cant quite remember if they ran over the exhaust. In any case check your trany fluid, that may tell you right away. I had my valve cover gaskets leak on my old ex and made a mess.

my tranny fluid is fine. its gotta be the oil because i see it dripping down the side and collects at the bottom of the oil pan before dripping onto the exhaust piping.

Oil filter maybe

Have you changed the oil filter recently? If I remember correctly the oil filter is close to the exhaust pipe.