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Leaking Transfer Case


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February 19, 2001
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My transfer case (4405) recently went out in my '97. I bought one for a junk yard and put it in. It works good, but it's leaking kind of bad. From what I can tell, it's only leaking from the from output shaft (cupped flange). I was hoping I could just replace that seal and not have to split the case. But from looking at the old one, I can't see how to get that cupped flange off to get to the seal. Can anyone tell me how to do it without splitting the case. I don't feel comfortable splitting the case, and I don't want to have to take it back out if at all possible. Also (stretching), how about any of the "stop leak" additives for transmissions, would that work?


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out t-cases are relatively simple.... you shouldnt have to take of mcuh to get that seal replaced though. look closely and you will see that the front ouput comes off with the front part of the case and the planetary stays together by itself. Split the case and dont let sutff fall out and youll be fine. it you keep the front half of the case pointing up all the tim enothing will fall out on you.

Page 7-20 of the Chilton's 1991-1997 Explorer has the procedure for the front seal. Essentially remove skid plate, damper and drain the case. Match mark the shaft and use a 30mm (1.18 in.) socket to remove the yoke retaining nut. Remove the yoke washer, rubber seal and yoke. Remove the seal with a slide hammer.

Hope this helps.

Notes on my last post:

Vehicle is safely supported. No need to remove the case.

The socket has to be "thin walled" to fit.

Let me know how it goes. I'm getting ready to do it also to get rid of a squeak that I think is coming from the front seal. I haven't located a thin walled socket yet.


Unfortunately my t-case is different. It has the cupped flange and no nut. The seal can only be accessed by splitting the case. Hopefully yours will be a lot easier.