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Leaking Transmission Fluid in REVERSE only !


April 15, 2011
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Tulsa, OK
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'94 XLT 4x4
I finally got my 1994 Exploder running good and driving good,with the exception of the standard 62ish mph vibration we all love to hate.

Well coming back from the lake, towing a my 16' old bass boat (about 1000 lbs) it does great. I get ready to back it into the back yard and I notice I am leaving a trail of evidence for my inability to back a boat straight.

Got it out of the street put it in park and NOTHING, Put it back in reverse with my 26 year old son looking underneath and NOTHING but a few drips on the bottom of the housing betwen the Tranny and Transfer case.

Fundamental question it only does it in reverse and under load. I had used some O'reilly's general purpose transmission fluid when this happened.... I replaced it with DexMerc named fluid now.

ANY ideas would be appreciated on this it's happened a couple of times now and is very disconcerting.


Thank You !