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Leather Kit for Sport Seats???


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December 24, 2014
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1992 Ford Ranger
Anyone know where I could get a leather upholstery replacement kit for the stock sport bucket seats in a 1994 XLT? I really like the seats and it would be great to upgrade to leather. If no leather is available, are there any cloth kits out there?

I know the SVO and GT Mustang sport seats with thigh supports from the mid 80are very similar to the Explorer sport seats so perhaps I could make a Mustang kit work.

I would think seats out of any second gen would work. Up to 2001. Try a local wrecking yard.

You'll have to match powered or non powered. You can add most any seat, just have to swap the seats tracks. Why do you want leather? Leather sucks.
No one makes stock covers I'm aware of. Your best bets are seats out of another X or bring them to a upholstery shop to get them covered custom.

I got nice leather seats for mine at a salvage yard. I started with leather, mine were just tore up. Got mine for $25 a pop!